Slack channel for community discussions

Invite Sent!

Could you please add me to the slack group?

@AE86_Racer I have sent out the invite.

Will appreciate an invite as well - hope It is not too taxing on the admin.

Added you to the dev slack.

Thank you.

Could you please add me too?

@tom3 invite email sent!

Thank you!

Would like an invite as well

I would like an invite to the Slack Channel. Thank you!

Would love an invite too! .

@Zach_Feldman added you to slack

Thank you!

Can I get an invite too? Thank you!

I’d like an invite as well. Thanks!

I would like an invite please!

I would also like an invite please. Thank you!

@Mark_Berning @KColeSpectrum invites sent out for slack every should be caught up

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@jody.albritton Can you please send me an invite?

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