Skyworks devices

I currently have Xfinity. They have door sensors by Skyworks that use the Zigbee protocol. Has anyone tried to get these connected with Smartthings v2? I tried and it doesn’t seem to find it. I know how to signal the pairing on the sensor, it just wont show up on ST. Any advise or projection for getting these to connect?

SKY65336-11: 2.4 GHz Transmit/Receive Front-End Module with Integrated LNA
• 2.4 GHz ISM band radios
• ZigBee® FEMs
• IEEE 802.15.4 applications

Doing a general search for Skyworks in the community here shows that some people had success in getting them to work, but apparently this was due to random assignment of the Zigbee channel that ST uses. If your hub happens to be on Channel 15 (per what I have seen in prior posts) (Look Here )Then you might be able to pair up to ST.