Skydrop Lowes

The Lowes here in i Gainesville FL (Clark Butler Blvd) has Skydrop sprinkler controllers for $49. I bought one about a year ago and I really like it. Not sure if it shows up online or of shipping is an option.

Got one. Order being processed, with 10% discount.

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Add a bottle of hand soap for $1 and use the $10 off coupon


Quick scan of reviews at Amazon and Lowes mentions issues with WiFi reliability and possible premium app features…did you have any issues with these? For this price if I had a lawn I’d grab one, I might try and score a couple for family birthdays but I don’t want to burden anyone with something that’s going to turn into a junky time suck.

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I have had mine for 2 seasons now and have not had any connection issues. The app is ok, it could be better but it gets the job done. I would recommend one.

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I’ve had mine for years.

WiFi reliability is okay, it’s the range that’s bad. It has a very weak WiFi radio. You need a router nearby.

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I’ve had mine for a couple of years as well and I have had no wifi issues. The app is OK but I mainly use the web page anyway. For $49 it’s well worth it (IMO).

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Thanks! I went ahead and ordered a couple last night, figuring I could just not pick them up if I wasn’t convinced. My father and brother-in-law are both tinkerers so I think it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I’ve had mine for 3 years. The wifi worked until last year when it would go offline and needed a power reset 1-3 time per week. I tried many debugging tactics, but nothing seems to resolve the problem. I will be replacing with a different brand next year.

Is there a ST DTH for it?

It’s Wifi so no, I don’t believe so. You can us IFTTT though it’s not all that useful. The thing just mainly does it’s own thing.

IMO a sprinkler system ought be independent of SmartThings. Only reason I’d interact with this thing is to have it not run in instances where I’m having company while it’s scheduled to operate, and I don’t need ST for that. IFTTT combined with Alexa ought handle those scenarios.

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