Skydrop down to $99.00

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Depends on the store. Some are down to $75 that i see in my price checker. My local store has 7 still in stock, so waiting to see if they drop more.

Can you share your location?

None have shipping available, but here is 3

D amn you, my daughter works across the parking lot from No Smith Lowe’s.

Lol here we go. This is not a coincidence either, better get her to pik one up after work.

Lucky for my wallet she won’t be out till 11-12:00. There’s always tomorrow though

Ya there’s prolly no escaping this deal. Call it an early Xmas present.

Last week there was one on clearance for $2 at a store near St. Louis. I ordered it with store pickup and amazingly got notification it was ready for pickup. When my “business trip” to the area was “canceled”, I called the central number and asked if they could request shipping it. Just received UPS notification for delivery tomorrow. I haven’t seen an extra charge for shipping. Maybe it slipped into the Black Friday free shipping offer. Score!

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Just clicked on the link to see what you are all talking about and surprise(!!!) - $44.99 at my local Lowes!

Don’t even have a sprinkler system but figured I better get one anyway!

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Crap! Mine is still hovering at $99.00

Looks like the deal goes until 12/13, which is nice. I will be in NC next week and can drive to High Point where they have these for $37.50. They have 7 in stock, hopefully there is at least 1 left next Saturday!

Order now for in store pick up. I believe you have 7 days to pick it up before they cancel the order and return it to the shelf

crazy how they have this listed for $299 at my store :frowning: too bad they don’t ship… :frowning:

FYI they charge to use their app, apparently they started doing that recently and screwed over everyone who bought it expecting full control without fees.

I have been using Skydrop for about 6 months. I have not been paying for anything related to the app. I wonder if this is for new accounts or perhaps specific functions within the app?

I just bought a refurb Skydrop directly from Skydrop for $89. There is NO FEE for their app or monthly charges.

Looks like the basic app is free. There may be a “plus” app that will have a monthly fee.

It states in the app description that a “plus” subscription is required to unlock some features, there are many negative reviews that claim basic remote control features that were once free are now part of that $6 monthly fee.