Skybell integration

Hi Andrew,

This is certainly a good news. Congratulations.

What are your plans for Ver2.0 (

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Ok, so it works. That’s great. Here’s my one issue thus far, and it is purely on the skybell side of things. As with their ifttt channel, the action of turning off the doorbell chime is absolutely useless. There is really no way to turn off the doorbell chime unless you manually get into the skybell app and switch it off. Everyone could go ahead and try that, maybe I just got a fault camera. Either way, I have emailed skybell about this a few times, as well as IFTTT, letting them know I’m pretty angry that they advertise as being able to function through ifttt and now smartthings, but it isn’t the case if all of the functions aren’t working. Hopefully they can fix this.

I have my Skybell integrated but there are a few things lacking…

  1. Can we get the ability to trigger a record upon motion detection through the Smartthings app?
  2. Is it possible to expose the camera to Smartthings?
  3. I know Intercom and live video still require the Skybell HD app but here it my vote for it.
  4. Finally, the welcome email mentions a temperature sensor. I don’t see how to access it in Skybell HD app or in Smartthings. Help?

I’ve added skybell hd thru the Marketplace - Things - Safety & Security - Cameras - Skybell - Skybell HD - Connect Now. Now I would like to turn on lights for a few minutes when the doorbell is pushed while dark out. I went to SmartApps - Lights & Switches - Smart Lights, which would allow lights to be turned on after sunset when the doorbell is pushed but doesn’t allow a timer for turning off said lights.

has anyone found a solution?

here is how to add skybell hd with Skybell App

I use a core piston for that function.

On motion turn light on. Turn light off after 5 min. Only issue is that if there are still folks out on the front porch, the lights still turns off after 5 min.

what is a core piston?

here is what it is:

I just installed my Skybell HD in Denmark, EU, and I dont seem to be able to follow the instructions here to add the camera to ST.

I don’t have a “Safety & Security” category in Marketplace under Things.
The nearest category for me is probably Cameras, where Skybell isn’t listed.

So how can I should I then add it in ST? Is there a Device Handler and SmartApp available to be used “manually” instead?

I suspect it isn’t released in Europe:

Well i got the Skybell for my mother who can’t get up to answer the door. I would like to see an app for Smart tv’s so she doesn’t have to have a phone or a ipad close it can just be done from the tv remote. Also terrible customer service… And a real lack of information comes with the product.

I’ll have to advise anyone against purchasing this POS. Mine is messing up beyond repair, and customer support said they would have to send a new one. Here’s the issue, that was over two weeks ago, and they have not responded, and they have not sent a refund. Check their BBB rating. F is no good. On top of that, I see that they blocked me on facebook for doing nothing more than commenting on their integration with IFTTT not working. This compnay is an absolute fraudulent joke. Do not waste your time or money.

Andy, sorry to hear that. If you want to send an email to, I’ll try and see if we can help you. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest companies in our space, and have been named Best Video Doorbell by multiple publications. Sometimes customers have to work through some environmental issues in their homes or in their networks. Send us a line and we’ll take a look.

I think just about every time you comment, you go on about being named the best video doorbell by whatever publication, as if anyone here cares. Whatever publication has named you the best has obviously not had to actually work with your product, or your supposed customer support, for any longer than the week they tested your product. if you’re so pleased with yourself for being “the best” then perhaps you should focus more of an effort into actual CUSTOMER satisfaction, rather than the faceless corporation back scratching. I don’t care if McDonald’s gets rated as the most friendly slaughterhouse in America, because that would do nothing to battle any personal dissatisfaction I have. it certainly, CERTAINLY, does not make it true. as to my issues, I have emailed you already. you passed me on to someone else, who as I have already stated, said there was nothing that should be causing my skybell to MALFUNCTION how it is, and that they would need to send a replacement, and have mine sent back for examination, and there has now been no response from your end in three weeks. as I am still under warranty, and you have failed to provide a remedy, your “best video doorbell” business in currently in violation of federal law. maybe you could start throwing out your criminal status next to “best video doorbell”. that would at least be less monotonous. under your own warranty, I am owed a replacement, or the price I paid to your company through your website.

Same problem with Simon here. Installed my Skybell HD but don’t seem to be able to find the correct device type in the mobile app.

I did find the device handler for Skybell HD on the graph IDE, not sure what information to fill in to get it working… anyone with an existing integration can show us how the “Device Network ID” is formatted in Graph IDE?

Are you in US or EU?

Using UK hub

Yes, so you also cannot find SkyBell HD anywhere in the mobile App.

Where or what do you mean by you found the device handler on graph IDE?

Btw, I have returned my SkyBell HD to TopSolute for repair.
I have had bad picture quality since day 1, and even after getting new access point closer to the skybell and with 20 mbit upload on my phone next to it, it continues to have low bitrate.
The videos I can download from my phone IS 1080p, BUT when 20 seconds is only 2 MB, then you have low bitrate.
I hope it’s a hardware defect they can fix, so I can get similar picture quality as shown in demonstration videos.

[image: pasted1]

On the IDE. Somehow i think there must definitely be a way to get this
working… I just need to know the right information to key in…

Yes, you right. In IDE you can create a new device and select SkyBell HD has the type.

What we are missing is the step in the normal “connect Skybell to smartthings” where you connect the SkyBell account to smartthings. I have no idea how to do that if we cannot add the SkyBell from within the SmartThings app.

Tap SkyBell HD
Tap Connect Now
Tap the field that says Click to connect your SkyBell account
Log in to your SkyBell HD account
Tap Done

Would really like to see a switch made for motion sensor on/off like the chimes. It’s super annoying constantly getting motion activity alerts when I’m home and going in/out of the front door. If there was a toggle for this then I could add it to my home/away routines to only be on when no one is home.


I have a skybell HD and is well integrated in smartthings, the smart app works great and so does the ios app. My question is is there a way to modify the smartapp in such a way that it has another “standard tile” which could be mapped to a door lock (like a yale zigbee smart lock) so that while being on the skybell smart app i could unlock the door without going to a different screen on smarththings mobile app?

Appreciate your help, BTW i installed the skybell yesterday and it works great for now.