SkyBell for motion detection? Aotec Multisensor detection range / field of view

I haven’t bought a skybell or an aotec motion/multi sensor yet, I’m wondering…

Q: Can skybell be set up to only detect motion within a prescribed area of the picture?
Q: Is it possible to set up smartthings to turn on the porch light when the SkyBell sends a motion alert?
Q: Is the 5-meter range on the Aotec MultiSensor a sharp cutoff, so you can precisely position it to NOT detect cars on the road?
Q: Is the Aotec Multisensor’s 120-degree field of view both horizontal and vertical? Or does it have a narrow vertical field of view?

I find those classic motion sensor lights you get from home depot will pick up cars on the road 40 feet away before they’ll pick up a person walking right in front of the sensor. Unless you get the kind that you can aim so the road is out of its field of view. I’m wondering if the Aeotec sensors has a very clearly defined detection area so I can position it precisely so that certain areas are beyond its field of view. It would have to be at least 5 meters back from the road, or if it had a narrow vertical field of view I could angle it down so it only sees the driveway and front steps.

If skybell could allow me to sense motion only in a certain area that I draw in the video frame, and if smartthings could receive that alert and trigger the lights to turn on that way, then that’s a bonus feature that would compel me to buy the SkyBell.

I could correct the problem with a different type of ordinary motion sensor light that has a sensor that can be aimed. But I’d like to tie it in to smartthings because I want the light at the side of the house to come on too, and it’s on a different circuit.