Sitting here in the Dark.........Again!

Ok so i woke up this morning to unreliability, lights not turning on when they should, but would after, then i went for a shower, and when i cam out, no lights are switching on at all.

i rebooted the hub from the utilities section in the hub and when the hub came back still the same problem…now interesting part, and cloud to cloud (and cloud to device like Phillips Hue) devices can be controlled by ST, however every single ST attached zwave or Zigbee device has suddenly stopped working…so all my motion sensors are offline.

I would to a Zwave repair, but the fact Zigbee is down also makes me think there is a platform issue…i have some Zwave lights which i don’t have mechanical switches for that are stuck on, but the rest are down…

After the last platform update things seemed to be better and i was just getting on with it.

the new firmware isnt supposed to be released until thursday…you haven’t pushed the trigger early have you?

is anyone else experiencing issues?

SNAPPPP !!! my hue hubs discconected from my hub v1 and i cant reconnect for life of me - leaving me in pitch black

at least you can use the Hue app :slight_smile: problem is i’ve got rooms like my office that have directly connected zwave relays…so i am sitting here in the dark as it dont work…why did i think this tablet on the wall lightswitch only was a good idea?

support have been mailed…if last time was anything to go by, i will get a response by friday…or never.

and they wonder why people just don’t bother mailing support

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lots of Hub Offline/Online messages in the log

a5c66fd3-b4d7-44bf-bf27-58d83da8f900 8:57:57 AM: trace cp desc: Your SmartThings Hub at Home is now active.
a5c66fd3-b4d7-44bf-bf27-58d83da8f900 8:57:25 AM: trace cp desc: Your SmartThings Hub at Home is now inactive. Please check your internet connection.
Hub c67d217f-f0f1-4445-8dcd-ae1a6ead08f5 is offline. Scheduling message send in 10 minutes

Come on support, get your wriggle on and acknowledge the issue on the status page

ok it seems everything is back online again. my lights just came on.

Edit…every single one of my lights in the house came on and are staying on because all my motion sensors are displaying as having motion detected :frowning:

ok i have just ran around and put all my fibaro sensors into inclusion mode, the updates are now coming through correctly

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ok i am now decided, i have just ordered Zwave.Me ZME-UZB1 im going to go down the route of trying OpenHab 2.0 for my Zwave needs. I will migrate each room over that i can as i wont have Zigbee capability to start with. then if everything goes well once i have migrated all my ZWave stuff over i will make the Smartthings controller a secondary controller on the Zwave network, so the few ST sensors i have i can still use accepting that they will be the ones that screw up (regularly) when there is a ST platform issue.

Annoyed with being forced down this path…to much pain ahead i see

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FFS, the hub is suddenly reporting its now going up and down more time than a whore’s drawers again…this is a joke, still no response from support. not even a thankyou for your mail we have created a ticket etc… and the status still shows ok

the only advantage is that its now not dark

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support have just sent me the following

I’ve had a look at your account as yes there did look to have been a blip, everything looks like it is set to trigger at correct times now. I’ve had our engineers look into your account as well and they can’t detect any anomalies. If it’s all working fine now just monitor it for a couple of days and log when things don’t trigger and get back in touch. What ever happened seems to have sorted itself out now.

Now i want to know why what happened happened and inconvenienced me for a number of hours…i don’t want to just see what happens. i think a complete outage of HA from 7am to 12pm was a little more than a blip…unbelievable


Hey guys,

We did have a platform issue. We are narrowing down the causes and making some changes to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Sorry this happened @Fuzzyligic

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Tim thanks for letting me know…I hope that the firmware update later today improves things for the better

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Hello , i have problem with Motion sensor with no working other one working just wonder your st at fix now?

I am waiting for the Firmware update, things aren’t 100% rosy yet. but if you have a motion sensor sticking, i occasionally have that, usually just putting the motion sensor into inclusion kicks this in

after restart start working thanks for help