Siri in iOS 11

I found that iOS 11 currently has two Siris. The one I trigger with “hey Siri” is not the same as the one I trigger with the long home press. I find the new voice much better, but there are only a few instances in which I get that voice. Beta 2 should kill off the split personality thing…


Also, warning for those who want to go 11:

  • presence stopped working, I need to open the ST app for the presence to update
  • video clips in SHM can no longer be played - no play button

Just checked again. Seems like both invocation methods bring out the new Siri (which begs the question, can Apple update Siri on the fly now?!), but asking her to read the current page triggers the old (robotic) Siri

Go into General, Accessibility then speech. This is where the voice is coming from when you have the iPhone read something for you. You can customize it. Totally different thing than Siri.

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Yeah, I got Siri Female (Enhanced) selected - sounds … well, not like the new Siri :smiley: I’m assuming they’ll update that one too, at some point.

I’m finding the same glitch with iOS 11