Siren F-SRN-ZB-VF-1

I bought some sirens F-SRN-ZB-VF-1 model, but I can’t integrate them. I would like to know if these are indeed zigbee or z-wave (my hub is zigbee only) and in the sellers page WiFi type

They aren’t Zwave. I believe those sirens were only sold in Europe under the SmartThings brand, but there may have been both a Zigbee model and a Wi-Fi model that have the same outer case. With that specific model number, it should be the Zigbee one. They were sold for for use with A Vodafone security system.

Did it come in this box?

Thanks for your reply,
That’s the case, I have exactly this packaging, but I can’t pair them, hence my question (hold button and plug-in it for 2-3 s ) but the hub don’t show it . maybe specific to vodaphone

You can try Zigbee pairing.

Could you install Zigbee Thing Mc driver to your ST Hub.
Using Zigbee Thing Mc driver is possible to read exact model and manufacturer.
Then it is possible to check which driver is supporting your device.

Server Cluster:
Client Cluster:

Publish the history information of the device.

You can install Zigbee Thing Mc driver from Mariano’s Edge drivers Shared Channel