Since Hub Firmware 0.52.11 Update Switching Switch Mode Does Not Work

Since firmware 0.52.11, switching from toggle switch mode to momentary switch mode has not worked with Aqara Switch SSM-U01, for example. This worked perfectly before the update. If I make the change in the app, momentary switch is displayed in the app, but the switch continues to behave as in toggle mode. This is unfortunately very annoying. Thanks for the help

Addendum, after an intensive search for the source of the problem, I have noticed the following but have not found a solution. The problem seems to have a certain connection with the number of Zigbee devices joined. If only about 25 devices are joined, an actuator can be switched from toggle switch to momentary switch, if more than 30 devices are joined to the Zigbee network, switching from single Zigbee actuator to momentary switch does not work anymore (I have about 40% Aqara actuator, the rest are others like Ubisys, Sunricher). Another observation is the following: if you want to switch an Aquara actuator to momentary switch in the app, the entire Zigbee network collapses and no other Zigbee actuators / devices can be controlled. After approx. 2-3 minutes, the Zigbee network works again as usual and all actuators / devices can be controlled again.

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Now an update regarding problems when switching from toggle switch mode to momentary switch mode. So far I have not found a way around the problem. I have replaced the momentary switches with toggle switches where necessary so that all the lights can be switched on and off correctly again (luckily I still had a few in the cellar). I will now try to change the mode of the Aqara switches to momentary Mode from time to time. I hope that in future it will work again without any problems as it did before the firmware update.

That’s not uncommon on any Zigbee network when you are reconfiguring the firmware on a device that acts as a repeater. The assumption is that you have the network in maintenance mode and it is not safe to transmit ordinary messages as they might be lost. As long as it resolves in under five minutes, it would be considered standard behaviour in most systems.