Simulator won't install anymore


I’m working a device type and I’ve been using the simulator without any issues for the past 2 weeks then, out of the blue, by the end of last week, it stopped working.

I hit “Set Location”, then pick my device and hit “Install”. I see a small loading icon and then the whole panel goes blank. I tried on Chrome and IE. I tried in an incognito window… nothing works.

Any idea what’s going on here?

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Are you using physical devices? There was a bug that would cause this issue when selecting certain physical devices. The fix has been coded, but I’m not sure if it’s been released yet.

The device only does calls to a web service. Selecting my actual device or the virtual one ends up the same.

By physical device, I meant anything that wasn’t a virtual device. Given that it behaves the same if you choose a virtual device, this may be a different issue. If you’re familiar with the javascript console it Chrome, can you keep it open while going through the install and let me know if there are any errors?

We know there are a number of issues with the simulator and we’re starting to go through our backlog to get the worst offenders fixed prior to a complete rebuild.

Sure, here it is :

Uncaught Error: Cannot render template [#multi.generic-template] because it does not exist.

Looks like it’s related to my MultiTile, I’ll try to remove it.

Humm, looks like it won’t compile now… I get the following error when saving (and it was saving 20min ago!)

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
script1448299295361866011231.groovy: 159: expecting EOF, found ‘cgi’ @ line 159, column 56.

Line 159 is : def newSnapSeconds = takeSnapshot("${settings.uri}/cgi-bin/egauge-show?S&a&n=1")

Also, when I open up my device types, I see that my new device is running in a session (Home). When I click the “X” button, I get the following :

500 (Internal Server Error)send
@ main-app-5811442e0bc96e2d7374677668e7edc4.js:176d.extend.ajax
@ main-app-5811442e0bc96e2d7374677668e7edc4.js:170d.(anonymous function)
@ main-app-5811442e0bc96e2d7374677668e7edc4.js:170(anonymous function)
@ devices:55d.event.dispatch
@ main-app-5811442e0bc96e2d7374677668e7edc4.js:92k.handle
@ main-app-5811442e0bc96e2d7374677668e7edc4.js:85

The multi tile issue is one we’ve taken steps to fix. The fix will be going out in the next couple of deploys. There are probably more issues we’ll need to fix and we’re working on them now as we find them. I’ll follow up here as fixes go out to see if we’ve corrected your specific issue.

Alright great.

Removed the multi tile and the simulator is working now

Looks like my changes didn’t get into the release going out today. Due to Thanksgiving, it looks like the next release isn’t scheduled until next week.

No problems, I’ll wait for the fix :smile:

Any update on this.

I am still getting this error message:
Uncaught Error: Cannot render template [#multi.generic-template] because it does not exist