Simulator question

I’m working on a device handler…

I have read the docs but I’m confused about the simulator. I see log entries (in the simulator window) when I run the simulator as “virtual” but if I assign it to a physical device then pressing the simulated buttons seems to do nothing. I see n log entries in the simulator or in live logging.

I thought that if I assigned my DH in simulator to a physical device then it would send commands as if they were sent from that device. Is this wrong?

I don’t think that’s correct understanding. The simulator is pretty quirky.

The simulator only sends & receives events defined in its header formatted as unparsed raw device message strings. I’ll try to paste an example here.

But if you have the physical device, it still tends to be more reliable and less frustrating to just publish the DTH for yourself and use the mobile App for testing. The debug output will still go to the IDE.

Yup, looks like the simulator is next to useless. It would sure be nice to have an actual debugger. Debugging by dumping log entries is like a trip back to the 90s!

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