Simulator : Cannot render template [#childDeviceTile-template] because it does not exist

I am developing my first DTH and I am experiencing this issue when trying to simulate its layout:

  • Cannot render template [#childDeviceTile-template] because it does not exist.

multiAttributeTile didn’t work as well.

Child Device Handler

Parent Device Handler

Steps to reproduce:
2. Create New Device Handler
3. From Code : Parent Device Handler
4. Click on Simulator
5. Set Location
6. Install

Then, this error will show up in the console.

There are still a lot to do, but I think this is enough to simulate the layout.

First thing I know will not work is “ executeCommandsLocally: true “ you should remove this from both DTH’s
No custom DTH’s can execute locally

I already have tried it and still didn’t work.

I will change the code.
If you have any documentation about executeCommandsLocally, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

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