SimpliSafe cam with Amcrest NVR? or any other App?

I bought a simplisafe set with cam but app is not available in my country, i have a Armcrest setup working. looking to use the cam functionality at min. hence searching for ways to integrate simplisafe cam with Armcrest NVR or any other app for the same. Thanks in advance for inputs.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ Home Automation platform. So all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. It is a very busy community, so it often comes up near the top on general home automation searches, but it is not a general forum.

Simplisafe doesn’t work with SmartThings, so I’m afraid you won’t get much help here. :disappointed_relieved:

You might get better answers if you ask your question in the Reddit Home Automation subforum. They cover all platforms.

Good luck with your project!

And specifically to your question.

I think in your case you might be the owner of a boat anchor.

There was a project where people were trying to pull video from these here.

Read the thread, it states they can not acces the cameras locally (lan) and had to resort to the simplisafe API. BUT in your case you cant even get there because AFAIK without the app, you cant even set the device up.

For your purposes look for a generic ONVIF/RTSP camera.