SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)


(David A. Norris) #795

Try this …

(Ranulf Wolf Sage) #796

I pasted your new code into my device handler, published it to myself, deleted my SimpliSafe device, then recreated via marketplace > smart apps > my apps with nothing but simplisafe selected as the alarm, and it’s working again!

(Toby Cth3) #797

Hey David, these are great improvements! Please feel free to submit/fork them to my repo and I’ll be happy to merge in the changes!

(Scott Silence) #798

Agreed, I think it would be great to get as much input as possible then have them submitted for merge so that we can keep a consistent baseline that everyone can use.

(Todd) #799

Speaking of which… Where is the latest version of the DH and SmartApp? Been trying to follow the forum here, but can’t sort out where the latest versions are :slight_smile: Please and Thank you!

(David A. Norris) #800

They are here …


If I have multiple systems, is there a way to differentiate which one I want to use? I used your DTH but still getting an error message.

(Epauldc29) #802

Just updated my SS app (2074.1.2 #2471) and have started to see issues with the presence sensing of the phone and activating and deactivating of the SS. Anyone having the same issues?

(supa) #803

Sometimes it doesn’t disarm the alarm even though SHM is disarmed/armed. Is there a way to send disarming command maybe twice to make sure the SS server gets it?

(Jpenrod St) #804

I am also having this same issue recently after an update

(Jpenrod St) #805

im getting this in the log when it doesnt arm any ideas?
No condition match Smart Home Monitor: ‘away’, SimpliSafe: ‘away’

(Ed) #806

Mine is no longer arming SimpliSafe system. I haven’t updated anything on my end.

(Scott Silence) #807

What version is everyone using that is having trouble. I have a SS3 and just tested it and all seems to be working correctly.

(Jpenrod St) #808

I am also on Ss3


I’m on SS2. It stopped working this morning. I’m on Hubitat so that may make debugging a bit more difficult, but here is the error message:

Alarm SET to HOME Error: Not Acceptable
Alarm SET to OFF Error: Not Acceptable

Any ideas?