SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)



Anyone having issue with syncing alarm status between SHM and SS? The device handler seems to work properly as I can see live status there but whenever I change SHM status the SS status won’t change automatically.


How do you find the location ID with the new dashboard website that Simplisafe shows when logged in?

(Scott Silence) #775

The device ID is not necessary for this implementation, so you can put any number there (I have the number zero for mine)

(Scott Silence) #776

Did you install the Simplisafe Monitor SmartApp. That is what tries to keep SHM and SS in sync.


Do I not need it even if I have 2 security systems in my account?

I set it up without and the logs show the error below: Illegal character in path at index 52

(Scott Silence) #778

Unfortunately I don’t have a good handle on how to do this, and I don’t think Toby did either as we didn’t have two systems to try and resolve this issue. I will try and look at this sometime to see if I can figure out how to do this, but I expect I will hit a roadblock since I don’t have two systems.

I would start reading at the post linked below to see if anyone else encountered this and what they found. I really haven’t done much with this as I was able to restore the functionality that I needed. And Toby has been absent for a while (he is the original author).


Thanks for the link. I’ll take a look.

(Steve) #780

Just to confirm, it doesn’t look like you can control multiple SimpliSafe alarm systems using this integration. While there are fields for the alarm and hub IDs, I don’t see where this information is used to communicate with SimpliSafe or identify the specific alarms. All I get is the first alarm in my account.

(Scott Silence) #781

That is correct. Toby orginally did all of the work on this and has the most experience, I just helped some with the new API and neither of us had multiple systems that we could troubleshoot with to see if we could figure out how to do this.

(Michael) #782

Has anyone had any luck getting this working with the new IDE?

(Michael) #783

Im sorry, for the unclear post. I meant to say has anyone got this to working with a single system using the new IDE and App?

(Scott Silence) #784

I have not tried the new App yet. I think everyone is on the new IDE (, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Just not sure of the new App.

(Steve) #785

I have multiple systems if there is some code around that needs testing. I’m pretty new to this type of programming, but the logic seems to be pretty straightforward.

(Toby Cth3) #786

Feel free to fork a branch off the GitHub repo with your improvements

(David A. Norris) #787

I switched to SS3. The integration works but the tiles do not update. The status at the bottom does change and reflect the later but the App on my IPhone always says off.

(Toby Cth3) #788

Don’t be modest, you did a ton to make this work! Without you, it wouldn’t be functional after the API changes.

(Toby Cth3) #789

Make sure you select SS3 as the version in the properties

(David A. Norris) #790

That is how it is set …

(David A. Norris) #793

I have made a few changes to the device handler that I will share with the group. I have only tested with SS3 as I do not own SS2 any longer

  1. For SS3 the states reported from the SS API are in upper case. I changed the attributeState in the tiles to reflect what the API is sending

  2. Added code in the setState method where alState == “away” - Immediately refreshes the away pending state and obtains the exitDelay value

  3. In the poll method, I added code to display the exitDelay value

  4. work in progress - going to display nest ambient temperature if a user has nest integration enabled.

(Ranulf Wolf Sage) #794

So I understand that you are basing this code off of the SS3 version. My SS2 system stopped responding to automation a few months back. I can still control it by going into the device and tapping the alarm status, however none of my routines will change it to off/away/home like they used to do. I tried pasting your code in place of my existing Device Handler code, but with no luck. Do I have to update the SmartApp code to something later, or are SS2 version users just out of luck?