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SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)


(Toby Cth3) #753

Nope. Only their own sensors will work with their system.

(Scott Silence) #754

Unfortunately I don’t think so. You could potentially get this to work with the Smart Home Monitor, but it wouldn’t trigger an alarm with Simplisafe and thus no response from Monitoring company. If you already have sensors working with Smart Home Monitor, you can get monitoring with Scout Alarm utilizing all of your own sensors and Smartthings.


I’m sure your aware, SMH and smartthings, in general, does not support delayed arrival or departure. That would be a train wreck for my technology impaired wife. Thank you for the suggestion though.

(Joe) #756

On that note, can it do the reverse? Can SHM see the Simplisafe open/close (individually or as a group), fire, and water leak. I thought those were exposed to some degree last year under SS2? Was I imagining that or did we lose the ability with SS3 and all the changes? I thought I had simplisafe as one of the “Sensors” that SHM was looking at.

I tried looking back at the thread if this after the SS3 change to see if it was discussed but missed it possibly.

(Justin) #757

Yes. I deleted both the app and handler and re installed them.

The device is updating the actual SS alarm, the ST home monitoring and SS device status don’t seem to be in sync at all. Any thoughts?

(Scott Silence) #758

The only thing I can think of is that maybe the refresh is not running as it should. We have it setup to run every 5 minutes. If this doesn’t run, I believe you would experience the behaivor you are seeing. Try going into the device and confirming your setting. They should be similiar mine (see below). When you click save here it should setup the 5 minute timer. If you are on the live logging on the API website you will see an entry for setting up the schedule. Aside from this, I am not sure what would be causing the issue you are seeing.

(Joel Day) #759

I’ve been out of the loop for a few months (sorry, new job). What’s the latest on this? Has anyone gotten this working again?

(Scott Silence) #760

This is working again, but you need to uninstall the old DTH and SmartApp. Once that is completed, follow the steps in the post tagged above.

(Jbenghiat) #761

Thanks for all the work getting SS integration back up and running. A fix and a question:

I had no problem syncing with the SHM, but the presence sensor didn’t seem to work. Looking at the array of alarm values, they are all upper case, and, my system at least, returns lower case values. I recommend the following change to line 269:

sendEvent(name: ‘presence’, value: alarm_presence.getAt(alarm_state.toUpperCase()))

Also, looking at the device handler, messages only get handled for SS3, meaning SS2 only allows for alarm, presence, and temperature. Is this supposed to be the case?

(Scott Silence) #762

I will let Toby chime on your suggested fix to line 269. As for the question about SS2, when they made the change to the API they took away the ability for SS2 to see more advanced things (Water Sensor, Smoke Sensor, etc…) without some really complicated logic and reading of all of the sensors.


Thanks for everyones contribution to this thread, very helpful. I have my simplisafe showing in my smartthings app and can arm and disarm it, but is there any other functionality? I have tried creating a virtual switch, but have not found a way for the smartthings app to recognize simplisafe as a device. Example of what im looking for: Set Goodnight mode, Simplisafe make sure Simplisafe is armed in Home mode.

Thanks in advance.

(Scott Silence) #764

I believe the intention was to allow you to monitor and set the Smart Home Monitor. The Simplisafe device handler will update shm and watch it for changes.


How do I setup Smart Home Monitor to work with Simplisafe. When i setup SHM I dont see any sensors available or anything related to simplisafe, it looks like SHM doesnt see simplisafe even though I can see it in the app and arm and disarm it.

(Scott Silence) #766

Make sure that in addition to the device handler that you also install and publish the SmartApp on the SmartThings API site online.The SmartApp is what links Simplisafe with SHM. Once installed and published there, goto your SmartThings app on your phone. Head over to the Automation Tab and then SmartApps. Click on “Add a SmartApp” at the bottom.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and select My Apps. From there select Simplisafe Monitor. If you don’t see it, then you didn’t install and publish it correctly online.

Once installed, go into the settings and set things up the way you would like. The only required thing to setup is the first option, “Select alarm system”.

You can also choose other things such as what switches get controlled, although this is just limited to a state for a switch or switches when OFF or ON (armed away or home). After that the SHM and Simplisafe should be working together.

Unfortuately because of the way the individual sensors work with Simplisafe, you will have have direct access to them in SHM. However, you can, using routines, set the SHM state (Off, Armed/Away, Armed/Stay) and that will be reflected in Simplisafe. There is a little bit of a delay with things though.

If you set or disable your alarm in SHM, the real Simplisafe System should be set accordingly within about a minute.
If you set or disable your alarm at the keypad, through the simplisafe app, or simplisafe device in SmartThings, it could take up to 5 minutes for it to be reflected in SHM.


Thanks so much for your help!

The thing I was missing is the smartapp for monitoring in automation like your screenshot. I simply added the smartapp for monitoring and everything works perfect now. I cant thank you enough.

(Brian Weber) #768

I was able to load the Smart App and see it in My Apps, however where it says Select Alarm System there is a red bar and says “You can’t currently add this” - any suggestions?

Edit - I followed the instructions and added a Device and was able to select it. However now I am confused as to where I actually enter my username, password, and system type.


Is there a way to turn on/off a switch when the Simplisafe carbon monoxide detector goes off? I want to open the garage door when CO is detected.


If you have 2 alarm systems in your Simplisafe account, how can you add both to ST? When adding a SmartApp it only shows the first system and not the second one.


(Ed) #771

I’ve been using a “Good night” routine in ST to turn on SimpliSafe through Alexa. It was working since day 1 but this week Alexa routine stopped working. The routine works in ST.

Anyone else experience this issue? Attached is what Alexa displays. It can no longer recognize the device.


I’m unable to add the device handler. It gives the following error when trying to create a new smart app.

startup failed: script_app_metadata_c50b9dfd_5f76_4379_9e92_55e4ac6e97fc: 133: The return type of java.lang.Object setState(java.lang.Object) in script_app_metadata_c50b9dfd_5f76_4379_9e92_55e4ac6e97fc is incompatible with void setState(java.lang.Object) in . At [133:1] @ line 133, column 1. def setState (alState){ ^ 1 error