SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)


(Ed) #631

I have SS2 system and SHM is not updating for me either. If I change alarm mode on the keypad or in the smart app, the state synchronizes correctly. However, SHM state does not update. The reverse works – I can the mode in SHM and the smart app will be updated correctly.

(Toby Cth3) #632

I’m noticing the same double announcement notification as well. I believe this has to do with the SHM synchronization and a change to SS3. On previous versions SimpliSafe wouldn’t re-announce it’s current state (for example by repeatedly pressing the home button or using the app to set it to home when it’s already armed). However with SS3, I noticed if my system is already armed and I press the home button, it’ll announce it every time. I’m guessing that the app has always been sending a double signal but now it’s noticable due to the extra announcement.

We could add some logic to the app to not send a state change if it’s already set but the downside is that if SmartThings gets out of sync it may not send any commands to SimpliSafe.

(Toby Cth3) #633

Please make sure you’ve installed the latest companion app and re-setup your preferences. Some of the state names changed as will need to be re-selected.


Maybe you could add the logic to not send a state change if the state has changed within X number of minutes. I’m still not sure how the polling cycle works with the state changes, but something along the lines of 2 or 3 minutes should cover it.

Also, can you confirm the uni-directional syncing of the app? There are a few of us who are seeing syncing if SHM is used to set the alarm, but not so much if SS is used.

(Ed) #635

I’ve updated device handler and smart app. Where are the settings to setup mapping for states in SHM?

(Joe) #636

Yup. confirmed. It is from them (SS). Just coincidentally when I updated to the new code on ST side. Thanks!

(Toby Cth3) #637

I’m not seeing that issue with my system. I can use the keypad, smartapp or SHM and all synchronize with each other.

(Michael) #638

Where can I get the device type and companion smart app that’s most current? I see 3 different versions and im not sure which is the correct one. Thanks in advance.

(Scott Silence) #639

(Toby Cth3) #640

I’ve published a new version of the companion app SimpliSafe Monitor which should address the duplicate notification issues and also the reported SHM synchronization problems.

(Scott Silence) #641

Toby, one thing I was thinking about. We could poll the alarm each time we get a request to change state. And if the alarm is already in that state ignore. I will check out what you did.

(Ed) #642

Are there settings somewhere to map SHM modes (away, home, disarmed) to SimpliSafe mode? I did not find these settings.

(Toby Cth3) #643

It’s hard-coded in the app

Off = Off
Home = Stay
Away = Away

(Ed) #644

Strange. Logs below. My system is in away mode but SHM is showing off.

SimpliSafe Alarm logs:

4:40:37 PM: info Events: [System Armed (Away) by Remote Management]
4:40:37 PM: info Temperature: null
4:40:37 PM: info Alarm State1: away
4:40:37 PM: info Executing polling...
4:40:37 PM: info Checking to see if time has expired...

Smart Home Monitor logs:

4:40:59 PM: info SHM getInitialData 0.069 (00) incidents:00, locationId:4ebc2a8b-7e73-46c0-aba4-29fc801b234a
4:40:59 PM: debug summaryData: [[icon:indicator-dot-gray, iconColor:#878787, value:Disarmed], [icon:indicator-dot-green, iconColor:#79b821, value:Everything OK, heroInfo:[heroStatus:ok, heroMessage:Everything OK]]] - [[icon:indicator-dot-gray, value:Disarmed, iconColor:#878787], [icon:indicator-dot-green, heroInfo:[heroStatus:ok, heroMessage:Everything OK], value:Everything OK, iconColor:#79b821]]

(Toby Cth3) #645

What about the logs from the SimpliSafe Monitor companion App?

(Scott Silence) #646


Here is an alternate way to get the last event that will get rid of the brackets at the start and the end.

httpGet ([uri: getAPIUrl("events"), headers: state.auth.respAuthHeader, contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8"]) { response ->
    sendEvent(name: "events", value:[0].info) "Events: ${[0].info}"

You can also change the call back the end to grab the last 50 events (not sure of smartthings capability, but could be useful if there was a list type capability).

else if (urlType == "events")
	return "$state.subscriptionId/events?numEvents=1"

(Ed) #647

I do not see log entries from the SimpliSafe Monitor app. It is configured under SimpliSafe Alarm device to turn on and off a switch based on mode.

(Toby Cth3) #648

I’ve updated the Device Handler and SmartApp in GitHub. This should finally resolve all the synchronization issues and duplicate announcements.

Once you install the new SImpliSafe Monitor app, make sure you go into the preferences and reconfigure it as the values have changed again.

I also incorporated @ssilence message formatting fix from above :slight_smile:

(Dhtguru) #649

Not sure what I am doing wrong. Please advise

18b5e720-6f2b-4da1-9651-fddddddddd4d 8:50:35 PM: error Connection reset @line 418 (login)
18b5e720-6f2b-4da1-9651-f2bd221a424d 8:50:35 PM: info Executing 'login’
18b5e720-6f2b-4da1-9651-f2bd221a424d 8:50:35 PM: debug Need to login
18b5e720-6f2b-4da1-9651-f2bd221a424d 8:50:35 PM: debug No state.auth
18b5e720-6f2b-4da1-9651-f2bd221a424d 8:50:35 PM: info Executing 'api’
18b5e720-6f2b-4da1-9651-f2bd221a424d 8:50:35 PM: info Executing 'status’
18b5e720-6f2b-4da1-9651-f2bd221a424d 8:50:35 PM: info Executing ‘poll’

(Ed) #650

I uninstalled the device, device handler, and app and then reinstalled the latest version. Working great now!

Thank you for the terrific work along with @ssilence!