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SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)


(Richard Belthoff) #611

@joecwong My online log shows an arm at 8:31 and a disarm at 8:35 (my routine turns it on at 8:30 and I’m home semi-sick in bed and I forgot to put it into “pause” mode so the alarm wouldn’t come on at all). However, the Activity Feed on the ST app shows “SimpliSafe Alarm alarm is OFF” at 8:35, following by these three all at 8:35 (presumably seconds apart which triggered the second “alarm off” from the base station): disarmed by master pin, simplisafe alarm is present, and then “alarm system status is off”. And actually there are two more, but I’ve attached a screen shot so you can see how some are capitalized and some are not and the actual messages. Seems like there are two systems operating here. Not sure.

(Scott Silence) #612

The “alarm system status” all lower case looks to be coming from the SHM. The “Simplisafe Alarm” stuff is coming from toby’s code.

(Richard Belthoff) #613

Well, it’s not that big a deal if it announces twice. I can live with that for the functionality. :wink:

(Scott Silence) #614

Are you saying the base station actually announces each mode change twice? So once it says “Off” and then some amount of time later (without doing anything) it says “Off” again?


mine did something similar last night. I have a Piston that triggers a SHM mode to away when I leave the house:


I left the house around 5:35 last night. On my notifications there are two items:

        5:35 PM         Setting SimpliSafe to Home
        5:36 PM         Arming House

These line up to my SimpliSafe application Timeline entries:

       5:35                 System Armed (Home mode) by SimpliSafe App
       5:36                 System Armed (Away mode) by SimpliSafe App

I have no idea why the app would have set it to Home mode. The result would have been my base station making two announcements though.

(Mike) #616

Ive been using this integration for around 2 years and its worked great. My base station died, so they sent me a new one. Its working with the SS app and web page, but now arming/disarming the SHM doesnt arm or disarm the alarm like it used to. I signed out and back into the simpli safe app, the smartthings app as well as updating my password to make sure its correct for the device handler in the smartthings app. Any ideas on what change or is broken? Or what else to look at?

(Scott Silence) #617

Is there anymore context you can add to the SmartThigns Notifications? Like just before the 5:35PM time. Was there anything of the format: “Smart Home Monitor: $evt.displayName - $evt.value”?


Crap. Good catch. I missed several entries as I was so micro focused on lining things up with the SimpliSafe Timeline. Here’s all the long entries around that time:

The Open up the house is a piston that tells me to open the windows due to the temp comparison between outside and inside.


Here’s the timeline from my SimpliSafe Alarm device:

The SimpliSafe AlarmApp is what I choose to name the SmartApp.

(Scott Silence) #620

The APP_COMAND are things coming from the SmartApp. And based on the text that looks to be coming from a SHM request to goto home. Then a few minutes later a SHM request to go to away. Did you have anything before that that would have started the trigger sequence to go to home?


Therein lies the mystery. There next previous event was me disarming the system by the keypad trying to understand if the SmartApp was uni or bi directional (see previous posting). During that testing, I used the SHM buttons as well as the SimpliSafe app to trigger the alarm and verify the sync of the states. During that time, there was no dual alarming/announcments.

The only difference I can see is the inclusion of the presence by way of the Piston. This is more confusing in that I only have two piston driven statements. One for "changes away from ‘Home’ and one for "changes to ‘Home’. When I cam home at 6:22 this morning, the "changes to ‘Home’ seemed to fire just fine.

(Scott Silence) #622

Yeah, that is very strange.

(Richard Belthoff) #623

@sslience – Yes. It said it twice. I’m testing it again now (while I’m supposed to be working from home so testing will be intermittent :-)). Thanks.

(Richard Belthoff) #624

@gutiear – Did you figure this out? I think I’m having the same issue. If I change status in the SS app, it’s not picked up by SHM, but if I change it in SHM, it’s shortly thereafter picked up by the SS app. I think there were some suggestions in prior emails about no subscribing to some channel, so I’m scrolling back to see if I can figure that out.

(Scott Silence) #625

Unfortunately no I have not. It looks like both of you have a SS3. I only have a SS2 to test with, and I am not experiencing this. In fact, my system works correctly under all scenarios. I will have to let Toby chime in as he has a SS3.

(Richard Belthoff) #626

OK, I turned it on, then turned it off with the keypad. Base station immediately announced off. I didn’t hear anything for a while, so I went about my business. Just now it announced Off again. All of the “offs” in the activity feed show 12:10, but there was almost a minute or more gap between the first off and the second announced off. Strange. It doesn’t seem to repeat an announcement for home or away, though, just off. And like I replied to someone else, if I set to home with SS app, SHM doesn’t update. It still shows disarmed. Not sure if this is related. I don’t know if the system did this before with my SS2 system because I never checked but now that it’s been raised here I’ve been watching for it (and now have an SS3 system) (which, by the way, I like much better because of the lighted keypads!). Thanks.

(Richard Belthoff) #627

OK, I posted too soon. It just announced “on” a second time, once when I set it with the SS app and then again from SHM. I guess there’s a delay between the SS app’s settings and SHM catching up. SHM now shows it as Home, which it didn’t when I first set it from SS. The activity feed shows them all as 12:15, but there had to be a two-minute delay this time between announcements. Got to go back to real work for a while, though. ;-). Thanks, everyone. I’m sure someone will figure this out eventually and as I commented earlier it’s not that big a deal (although I guess if it announces twice after you go to bed you might be awakened by the second one!).

(Joe) #628

Wierd. Will test again my SS3 later today. By chance, how did you upgrade the device handler and smartapp? (might have missed if stated earlier, sorry).
I just updated both from the GitHub repo and it took 1 on/off cycle to sync up.
Have you just tried to restart the SS base for sanity?

(Joe) #629

On a separate minor observation, I got a “Automatic Test” message on the ST SS device status page while I was in Away mode. Freaked me out a little as I thought my system went into some test mode and was un-monitored. Not looking at the code too closely, I believe it was just reading the last event entry from the SS portal, correct?

If the SS device had not shown it to me, I guess I would not have known it happened. Debating if it is a good thing or bad thing for me to know. :slight_smile:

(Scott Silence) #630

I believe Simplisafe sends out a weekly test signal, so that might be from them. Doubt it was from our code.