SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)


(Toby Cth3) #590

Event message functionality has been restored, code has been updated in GitHub

(Scott Silence) #591

That is correct, the aaaaa is the user id and the bbbbb is the sid. We only care about the sid, which we should be able to automatically get (and are for most people it looks like). As to the SHM, mine seems to be working both ways. After you set the alarm using the keypad it will take up to 5 minutes before it will show up in the app. When it does it should change both SHM and the Simplisafe app. Strange that it doesn’t for you. Make sure on the Simplisafe Monitor Smartapp that at the very bottom where it says “Set for specific modes(s)” that you don’t have any of those checked.


Yes your code is able to automatically get the correct sid for me (as I saw in my logs). The problem for me is the illegal characters (either the comma or the space) and how they end up getting in the code.

(Scott Silence) #593

Right, but the SID should be the only thing present there and it should be 5 digits maybe 6 and nothing else. I am sure we can figure out how to get rid of the comma and spaces. What concerns me the most if the fact that I think you are saying in the error your SID is of the type “AAAAAA, BBBBB” There should only be one number there not two.


I might have mis-spoken. AAAAAA is my network id and BBBBBB is my sid

(Toby Cth3) #595

Presence functionality has been restored, code has been updated in GitHub

(Dusty) #596

Thank you tobycth3. All is well now with my SimpliSafe integration.

(Toby Cth3) #597

It’s not just me, a big thanks goes to @ssilence. I’m just expanding on all the research he’s been performing.

(mike ricchino) #598

Random request… is it possible to rename / nickname the Repo itself in the IDE? I have dozens of user created DH and smartapps, and 80% are repo smartthings/master

(Toby Cth3) #599

I believe its up to the owner of the repo. I intentionally gave mine a different name for that exact reason.

(mike ricchino) #600

yeah its fantastic to have that lol.

(Dusty) #601

Absolutely thank you @ssilence!

(Arnoldo) #602

anyone have any idea why my SHM is not picking up status changes, the smart app is, but SHM doesnt.
Thank you, i did update to the latest github version.

(Richard Belthoff) #603

Gentleman: This works fantastic with my SS3 system! Thanks for updating it all so quickly. Where can I send the beer? ;-).

(Vasanth Kumar R) #604

Thank you tobycth3 , ssilence and others for helping resolve this issue. Can this DH work with $14.99 plan as well since that plan does let me use web interface to turn off the alarm? Or do we need App access which comes with $24.99 plan always? Right now I am on $24.99 plan.

(Ed) #605

Thank you @tobycth3 and @ssilence!!

I used the pollster app since the early days. Is that still needed with the new code or is polling built in?

(Scott Silence) #606

Thank you everyone for the kind words. This was actually a lot of fun. I am going to keep poking around with things and help @tobycth3 where I can.

(Richard Belthoff) #607

The only issue I’ve seen so far, and I think maybe someone else posted something about this as well, is a bit of a delay between using keypad and app to disarm. My ST routines seem to work great. However, this morning, when I disarmed from the keypad, my base station announced: “alarm off”. Then about ten or 20 seconds later it announced it again. I suspect that was the ST app catching up with the keypad. Maybe this isn’t related to the new programming at all. Maybe it’s just the new SS3 being connected to my WiFi instead of just cell service (I think I have both, but the cell service doesn’t have a great connection). Anyway, not sure how I can test this (some people have been posting logs, but not sure where those are, but I can check if someone will tell me where it is). Anyway, again, great work! Thanks.

(Scott Silence) #609

Yeah, can’t speak to the SS3 system as I have a SS2, but I have not experienced that behaivor. So you are saying that the actual base station said off twice? Thats strange. Almost like the first one was from you physically turning it off on the keypad, and the second one from the app. Very strange. Toby will probably have to test that one.

(Joe) #610

@rcbjr2 I am on SS3 as well but did not see this. I am still in “test/observe” mode on the new code as I shifted from SS2. No issues last night and this morning!
What does your ST notification and SS portal timeline say regarding alarm events? Initially on SS2 and SS3, I inadvertently had a small loop between SHM and SS smartapp on a virtual switch. Another brief time, I had 2 SS smartapp instances loaded when I was first figuring my triggers for certain modes/routines which caused double messages.
Maybe something simliar.