SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)

@fgorodishter, is it possible to add a Presence Sensor capability to the device type? This way, we could use the alarm features for control of the system and use presence for polling info. This would satisfy my needs, since all I really want is a presence value of, Home, Away, or Off. I tried to add that in, myself but I’m still learning about device types and got confused.

Hey, when I goto the Preferences button the only option I’m given is to give the device a name…Nothing else.

When you added the “New Device”, did you select the SimpliSafe (or the name you gave the Device Type) as the Type?

This is what it looks like on my screen:

@robert_solimine Good idea on the presence sensor. I have updated the integration on Github to have it. Only difference is per spec it accepts Present / Not Present so I mapped Off & Home to Present and Away to Not Present.

About your feedback on not giving IoT control to change the state of the alarm, I can see where you are coming from. I may create two separate integrations, one that does and one that doesn’t expose the change state aspects because I can see people wanting it both ways :smile:

Nice addition. I am now able to send me a push notification if my house is in Away mode but I forget to enable my alarm! I recommend 2 versions also for flexibility. I personally want to have enabling and disabling of Simplisafe from ST.

Excellent. I was going to take another pass at the code, but I am going to review what you posted to learn more about it!

@fgorodishter, thank you again for getting this done! I’m successfully using he SimpliSafe presence to set my Hello Home states. I love the ST community so far. Everyone has been so passionate about the design of home automation!

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How are you doing this?

I am using SmartApp Rules app. It doesn’t work perfect though as there are times when I leave the house and it still tells me I forgot to enable the alarm. I think it’s a timing issue since the SimpliSafe status updates every 10 minutes.

Hi Felix - any luck further with the integrations?

Great effort Felix… looking forward to your (or someone’s) further integration. I know simplisafe isn’t making it easy.

How are using the integration. As of now, other than viewing my status, I can’t get it do much else. Just curious. I know @fgorodishter is planning on allowing us to change Alarm status which I am looking forward to.

I have this installed as well, but it only seems to work in manual mode. Meaning I have to manually press ‘refresh’ to get the app to pull the status of the alarm. It only takes a few seconds, to refresh, but if I don’t manually refresh it stays in the wrong ‘mode’ for hours. Is there a way to increase, (or activate) automated polling?

Interestingly enough, Simplisafe shows the app logging in multiple times (without timestamp) so it would appear the smart app is polling as designed, but not actually registering the change? Anyone else experiencing this?

Mine works great and I don’t have this issue. Unfortunately I am not able to do anything with the smartapp though. I know @fgorodishter had plans to enhance the smartapp but he’s MIA :frowning:

This is awesome!

Out of curiosity - does this require that you subscribe to the mobile app level plan to use these calls? Or can you have a lower end plan?

Honestly not sure. I just wish I can automate enabling and disabling the alarm from ST.

Moving the most recent code to the main post to make it easier / more convenient for people to find. I kept the origional post below for historical context

I took the original (and great) code by @fgorodishter and made a couple of enhancements. You can now pull the status of the alarm, fire, CO2, freeze and water sensors (just like the SimpliSafe app). These are also exposed and can be used throughout Dashboards and the new Smart Home Monitor to trigger alerts or other actions. I’ve tested it with my setup and all is working pretty good. I also made it so you need to specify the location ID in the preference section in case you have multiple locations in your SS account (otherwise it always used the first one). Please pass along your feedback or let me know if you run into any issues.


Tried to use your code and got these errors. For location ID, is that my base ID? Also, for Device UUID, what do I use? (I obfuscated some of the #'s below in case anything was sensitive to my account).

67a75a15-cc97-457c-a2cd-733c14e1ab29 11:47:06 AM: debug something went wrong: Forbidden
67a75a15-cc97-457c-a2cd-733c14e1ab29 11:47:06 AM: debug [uri:, headers:[Cookie:vid=34728885;sid=cebb34ca208cea5ca90bc46d74f9b90c;SESS0a579df22041dcd2408a3ba712e086e9=cebb34ca208cea5ca90bc46d74f9b90c;DRUPAL_UID=35543;SSL_SESS0a579df22041dcd2408a3ba712e086e9=ee10ab7a4bd2018534df6fe1e3c9d903;SESS0a579df22041dad2408a3ba712e086e9=cebb34ca208cea5ca90bc46d74f9b90c;], body:[no_persist:1, XDEBUG_SESSION_START:session_name]]
67a75a15-cfff97-457c-a2cd-733c1ff1ab29 11:47:06 AM: debug Calling post : : [no_persist:1, XDEBUG_SESSION_START:session_name]
67a75a15-cc97-457c-a2cd-733c14e1ab29 11:47:06 AM: debug Starting status : [no_persist:1, XDEBUG_SESSION_START:session_name]
67a75a15-cc97-457c-a2cd-733c14e1ab29 11:47:06 AM: debug 1443023333437
67a75a15-cc97-457c-a2cd-733c14e1ab29 11:47:06 AM: debug 1443023226179
67a75a15-cc97-457c-a2cd-733c14e1ab29 11:47:06 AM: debug 35543
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67a75a15-cc97-457c-a2cd-733c14e1ab29 11:47:06 AM: debug Executing ‘poll’

The location ID is from the SS website when you login:<ACCOUNTID>/sid/<LOCATIONID>/control-panel

As for the Device UUID, I used the Zigbee ID from my hub

Works, nice job! Just so others know, this treats all the SimpliSafe devices as one unit and doesn’t monitor individual sensors. Is there anyway you can code for us to Enable and Disable the alarm from Smartthings? My goal is to have the alarm enabled when my house goes into Sleep mode and automatically enabled when I leave my house.