Simplest/easiest switching a light

Need a way for son to be able to switch a light, ideally the main light, on/off from his bed.

The mains light switch is in an awkward place and inaccessible from when he’s in bed.

I don’t have any smart bulbs in his room yet, I’m in UK btw, but what is simplest way of this situation please?

Maybe x3 smart gu10 bulbs (£20 each) as that’s what’s in the light fitting, and a motion sensor (£30), expensive as I only want it for one application, i.e. get up at night, or switch off after reading in bed at night.


You could replace the switch with a smart switch and get an Aeon Labs remote tp control upto 4 lights/switches/groups…

i did the exact same thing for my wife and daughter so they can turn the lights off while in bed…

I’ve had problems with smart switch because of my UK wiring which has no neutral at the switch. Also is the remote tp control (whatever that is!) available in UK?