Simple Zwave or Zigbee relay for Garage Door opener?

I have done it, it shows me when the doop is opening or closig etc. very cool.
This is how I built it using

  1. Intermatic ( got 6 pack for @80)
  2. 12v dc relay
  3. ST multisense

I followed instructions for connecting relay from

Do you have it setup so that tapping the open/close sensor activates the outlet to open/close the garage?

the best relay that is out there and simplest/easiest to install the the FORTREZZ MIMOLITE. It’s available from an eBay seller Lorenz-HD and the cost has gone up recently to around $90. However, with it’s simple two-wire installation and a diagram available on their website, it is so easy, anyone can do it.

It works great with SmartThings and I have been using it for a month or so now without failure or disconnection.

@chrisb yes , in ide you have to chnage device type to ZWave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch, SmartSense Virtual Garage Sensor Button

i dont have the info in front of me but here are timer relays out there and have been forever. they trip on power and then time out and reset after a period of time. you might be able to hack something together with those - theyre like 5 bucks a pop.

The Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch works with any Z-Wave relay that acts as a switch - the device type just sends an on command, waits two seconds, and sends an off command.

I have a home gate that I’m hoping to set up with some type of automation similar to this garage concept. The gate has a little control board with a manual open/close button that I think I can solder the back of to some type of Z-Wave device. Then I can install the “garage door” app you’re referring to and work my gate from the smartthings app. Do you think the Evolve device is the most efficient if money is not a factor?

Hi everyone, just thought I would chime in here. Everybody seems to be linking to the Evolve LFM-20, they sell for about $60. Linear actually makes all Evolve products so if you want an LFM-20, buy the Linear FS20Z-1 instead, we sell them for almost $20 cheaper and they are the exact same device!

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Here is my Recipe for a Z-Wave ST Secured and Automated Garage Door:

Items needed:

  1. GE Z-Wave Fluorescent Light & Appliance Module 45603
  2. LINEAR FS20Z-1 Z-Wave 20-Amp Fixture Mount Control
  3. SmartSense Multi sensor
  4. Shielded computer cable (strip the 3-wires)
  5. Old fashion garage door clicker which you already have!
  6. Solder and Soldering Iron.
  7. ST app on your phone.


  1. Strip one end of the computer power cable (the end which is not used to connect to the wall).
    a. Wight/Black/Green
  2. Connect Wight/Black/Green wires from the LINEAR FS20Z-1 device to the striped wire ends on the power cable.
  3. Solder the connected wires from Step 2 together with the soldering iron.
  4. Connect and solder the 2 blew wires to the circuit board of the clicker connection of the button.
  5. Use wire nuts or electric tape in order to cover exposed wire ends.
  6. Connect the power cable to the outlet and pair the LINEAR FS20Z-1 Z-wave relay.
  7. Pair with the ST Hub and test to see if it activates the garage door.
  8. Connect the GE Z-Wave Light & Appliance Module between the garage power cable and the line.
    a. Make certain to connect the garage door to the Z-wave outlet side of the module.
  9. Pair the GE Z-Wave Light & Appliance Module with the ST Hub.
  10. Attach the SmartSense Multi to the garage door.
  11. Open the ST app and setup with one of the two methods:
    a. Use the Smart Sense presence Sensors
    i. When someone with a presence sensor comes home turn on
    1. GE light & appliance module
    2. LENIER Z-wave relay.
    b. Use one of your “Hello Home” actions:
    i. When the house is in “I’m Back” mode turn on:
    1. GE light & appliance module
    2. LENIER Z-wave relay.
  12. Setup an “Alert” in the ST app using the “Valuables” option to alert you if the sensor is opened.
    a. Optional: Trigger the Siren.

Test it out and your garage door will magically open for you!
I will post some photos later on to demonstrate how it worked for me.
In my opinion, this is the most secure way to protect and automate your garage door.

How do I change a relay to a virtual momentary one? Is this a setting I can just set in the app when I connect a Z-Wave relay?

you need access to ide website of ST. email support and ask for access and then you can change device type.


If you fallow my instruction for the most part, when you are asked about what type of a door it is (Conventional or Garage Door), you should choose Garage Door and it will automatically change the device type to this

Why is it 240VAC vs 120 or even 110?

Would something like these work to wire up to a z-wave outlet switch with a stripped off power cord to the outlet and the 2 wires to the opener?
I’m looking for DIY since I’m not interested in spending the extra money for the pre-made systems.

A standalone relay would probably work, but wouldn’t be a very clean solution. I was also looking for a cheaper option and ended up using the Remotec ZFM-80. I stuck it in a plastic handy box with an appliance power cord, mounted it next to my opener, wired the contact in parallel with the existing button, and done! Happy with the result, and it was less than $50.

You should go through my automation for the garage!

This is what I have been using since the beginning of the ST:

@lmosenko can you explain to me why you have the Z-Wave Light & Appliance Module here? I would think the relay only would work OK.

I know this is an old topic, but it’s the best description for a Garage Door Opener DIY I found so far.

Good morning @meow4agc,

Simple. A factor security. I can control the garage with a relay from anywhere in the world and I can also turn off the power to it as a precaution for a misfire on the relay causing it to open my garage or a ST failure which has happened in the past.

Hello Matthew,

In my recent post below I’m trying to basically accomplish what it appears you have done with the Evolve LFM-20. However, I have an Enerwave RSM1S relay.

I’m new to this stuff and I’m not clear on what app or custom Smartthings code I need to make this relay work as a garage door opener. If you can give me some tips on how to get started I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!