Simple Sync keeps generating a 'Failed to save page: agentDiscovery'

I am trying to get SmartThings to work with Simple Control. I do a ‘Simple Sync connect’ and it pairs with the Mac and I get a message: ‘Sync Connect is now installed and automating’. When I tap Done again I get the message ‘Failed to save page: agentDiscovery’. Only option at this point is to do a ‘Remove’ and try again. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get beyond this point and I have no idea how to fix it.

they suck support is worthless

I have this same problem.

Additionally, in step 16 of their instructions they show 3 installed smartapps:

Simple Sync Connect
Simple Sync Trigger

I don’t have the SimpleControl smartapp for some reason and don’t know where I’m supposed to get it. There was nothing in the instructions or the bundle telling me how to install it.

I’m trying to control one ST device from Simple. I can see ST as a device to add to simple but the commands available to that device don’t make sense:


Very frustrated. I paid $50 to get the functionality to flip one ST switch from Simple and it doesn’t work.