Simple setup question--Iris sensor plus arrival sensor and hub, what can I do?

Hello, Im new here and and wondered how a simple set up with the smarthub ,iris door and window sensor would be. Maybe using the smartthings arrivals to disarm before entering the house.

Hi, you may want to make your question clearer to tell us what you want to achieve

Sorry about that.
Im just looking for it to alert me if a door or window opens and for the arival sensor to disarm it as we approach the front door. (At least to start out. Haha)

Assuming you will have phones as presence sensors for everyone in the house, have the standard routines run based on presence. And setup smart home monitor to use your one door sensor.

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Presence sensors are just that. They tell SmartThings when you arrive or depart. Contact sensors basically say when something is opened or closed.

Whatever your mind can imagine to happen whenever either or both of those conditions are met is up to your imagination…

ST has an IFTTT channel so all kinds of things can happen when you arrive!

If Window is opened, Then literally a thousand possibilities as an outcome…

The more devices you add the more home automation scenarios you can brew.::