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Thank you @JoeC for Simple Rule Builder. You just created a very simple and elegant interface that I can use on my computer to generate ST tasks. That has been my gripe with ST from day one, they don’t have a web interface and for some reason they think the phone app in a small screen is the way to go. And just wait a few days after you figure out how to do something on the phone app and try to do it again. I will be darned if I can find where the hell in the app I started at. You and 625alex are providing us with the things ST lacks.

@keithcroshaw and @Sam2b

I just published an update that should allow hello home phrases, mode changes, and push notifications to be delayed. You both had mentioned that those were not working (thanks!). I did some minimal testing to make sure they were working, but would you mind taking a look too? Let me know if you have any issues. :grinning:

Awesome. Thanks for continuing to support this great app!:grin:

I’ll take a look.

@JoeC, thank you! Yes, now both mode and phrase delays work as expected! Nice, thanks so much. This app is very useful.


I just picked up a hub v2 in the UK and I’m having trouble getting simple rule builder to authorise. When I login and click through, the ‘from’ list has no options…

Can you shed any light?

Many Thanks,

This is just a wild guess, but other third-party authorisations, including IFTTT, have been failing because they’re going to the US server for the account.

You could start by reporting it to support.

@Jim Could this be related to the change mentioned in ‘Developer Impact - Infrastructure Changes’ post? It’s been a little while since I have thought about the OAuth process, so I am a little rusty. In terms of an installation workflow, when does getApiServerUrl() first come into play? If I remember correctly, at the point where @joealanjones is, I haven’t received any data from the server yet. I’m very likely not correct there though :smiley:

Just started playing around with this (I was waiting until I got my Hub v2 set up so I didn’t have to deal with two setups at the same time), and this is exactly the type of stuff I wish that SmartThings did natively.

I wonder though if there is any possibility of grouping devices to simplify setup (especially for triggers). For example, I might want a rule that uses all motion sensors to detect no motion as the trigger. The way I have done it in my testing is to set the main motion sensor as the trigger and the rest as conditions of that trigger. It’d be easier though if I could say I want my sensor ‘group’ to detect no motion first.

Also, I noticed that when I signed up for the account that my password wasn’t even masked. That leads me to wonder about the security practices behind this. I mean, the site is using SSL, but are there other security precautions being taken to keep data safe?

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No offense to @JoeC but I used a password generator for that exact reason. Love the site all the same. Having an “or/and” operators in the trigger would be very nice.

I like the idea. Having a single trigger keeps things mentally easy in most cases but can lead to clutter and needing a handful of rules where one would do.

The password not being masked is just a design decision and has nothing to do with security. The masked text box vs unmasked text box are functionally the same in terms of how secure they are. I decided to use an unmasked text box there because I didn’t want to put in another ‘confirm your password’ text box. Also, because I’m not requiring an email address, password resets are a manual thing on my end if you forget what you enter or mis-type. I’m OK with having it unmasked because you only enter that one once. The login screen is masked.

Your passwords are salted and encrypted before being saved in the database. It’s not an amazingly rigorous encryption method, but still better than plain text.


Perfect, that’s the kind of answer I was hoping for, thank you.

mmmmm salty… :smiley:
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Hey @JoeC, first of all thank you for this. This is exactly what I was looking for! This made it so much easier for me to manage some rules that I found too cumbersome to create/manage with Routines and Modes.

I’ve created a rule to manage some sets of lights after sunset based on specific presence rules. I was wondering if it would be terribly difficult to allow said lights to turn off after X minutes once “everyone” is home.

I think I could manage this separately by creating a “everyone home after dark” mode to trigger and turn off the lights, but I think it would be easier to manage all these rules within the same rules engine.

At any rate, thank you again for this!!

Hey! Glad you like it and find it useful.

My take on this is that a rule builder is really great for some things and smart apps are really great for some things. I think you’re into smart app territory with that scenario. :grinning:

I would still like to look into adding ‘after ____ has been ____ for ____ minutes do _____’ type rules though. I don’t really have a use for those, but others seem to want it and it would be a fun challenge to figure out how to do that in a way that scales.


Is sunrise sunset hard to add? Sorry if this is built in and I missed it.

Last time I looked into adding sunrise/sunset it wasn’t going to be easy. It’s been a while though.

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Hey didn’t see the donate button. This is great work! Please consider donations or other means to get remunerated for all the work you’ve put in…

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I agree. I would donate. I love this app. Great job! Smartthings should try to hire you. This is how their app should work.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the sentiment. :grinning:

Instead of donating some money to me, find another way to pay it forward. Buy a coffee for a stranger or find a charity you believe in or just give a hug to someone who needs it. Maybe I’ll put a donate button up some day, I’d way rather you take a couple of minutes to make the world a slightly better place though.


You have a lot of good karma coming your way.