Simple On/Off Thermostat control

I am looking for a way to simply turn off and on the gas thermostat via hub. Being able to check if it is off or on is a bonus.

Right now I have a basic old dial style thermostat. We hardly ever use the heater. But when we do, we always leave it at the same temp. So control of the temp is not needed. Just a way to turn it off and on. Again, checking state would be great, but not 100% essential.

So I never thought I would need nifty whiz bang smart thermostat. However, we were gone for a few weeks and I had this horrible feeling like I left the heater on. Well when I got home and all the plants had died and it was toasty warm when I opened up the door, I knew my hunch was correct.

I would have loved to pull out my smartphone and checked it and turned it off remotely.

I have a pause paying > $100 for something i just need to toggle off/on with. Maybe if I needed it to learn my habits and have a slick slider adjuster for the temp. But I don’t. All i have use for is to check that it is off and to turn it off via smartthings hub remotely if I forgot to turn it off.

thank you

The question is. Can you bring 120 volt AC near the thermostat or anywhere near the wiring. It will still cost you around $50 for a z-wave relay or you can go without Smartthings on something like this and a radio shack relay will be around $30. I would connect the normally closed contacts of the relay in series with the thermostat.
Without 120V AC… you could be out of luck. maybe a mimolite but that’s $60.