Simple button setup to control garage doors?

I have a shop with 13 garage doors. I have two doors setup for testing using a garage door open close sensor and a momentary switch to control the doors. They work really well but it’s such a hassle in the app (for some of my less inclined users) to get into the app find the open close switch, then check a different parameter to see of it’s open or closed.

question. Is there a (different) app or way to just have a simple button to control the door that can read the open/close sensor. kind of like an “all in one” button. The smartthings app seems like a nightmare to navigate through tons of crap. but maybe I’m missing something?

Well… a few options I can think of:

  1. SmartTiles: If its an open/close switch you simply hit the tile to open/close
  2. SharpTools (Android only): You can create a widget for the switch that once again opens/closes the door

The only issue is reading the open/close sensor. For that you would probably have to use something like CoRE, create a piston and tie it to a switch.

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Also IFTTT’s DO button puts a widget on your phone, assigned to one door. I’ve been using it successfully on my wife’s phone, before I put a physical button on her visor.

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Never tried it before, going to see if I have use for it this weekend :grinning:

I use sharptools, i also have NFC tags in my car and inside my home and use NFC tasks to run the widget. So in most cases I don’t have to open my phone.

I’m an android guy all the way. I seen IFTTT and Sharptools, but haven’t messed with them much yet. Can you tie the open/close sensor and the momentary switch together with either of these apps? Or will the widget just work as a “blind” switch?

Blind switch in both cases.

So from ya’lls experince, best way to do this would be two seperate widgets for every door?

Would be nice if there was just a nice clean app that could join a sensor and a switch into one button, but I guess maybe it’s not there yet. It is a fast changing market at least so maybe someday =)
Thanks for the quick responses.

SmartTiles V6 will support the official Garage Door Capability as a Tile Type. We’re also working on hybrid Tiles, for which Garage Door is a possible use case.

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Not two, just one widget. What relay do you have? Most only send one command “on”. But even if it sends off, you can still use one widget with toggle command. Also, depending on how much time you want to spend on this, you could use a uDTH (virtual switch), that ties the relay and the contact together and have SL or CoRE handle the events. Based on my experience, such integration adds significant delays.

If you rather have a dedicated app, you can try this:

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I use the app in the above thread. One switch to open/close. It shows if it’s open or closed. It just works.

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For any of the options above, if you end up with a single switch, you can put turning that switch on into a routine, and you can then use the routine as an official smart things widget in IOS, Android, on the Apple Watch.

( you also used to be able to do this on a Samsung gear 2 watch as a voice command, but I don’t know if that’s still true.)

Anyway, the point of this post is that the official SmartThings widgets are for routines, and they are available in iOS also. So as long as you can put whatever you end up with into a routine, you can have it as a widget.

I"m using an ecolink tilt sensor with a FS20Z-1 set up in smartthings as a Momentary Contact Switch. I guess while I’m at it this is probably the best “cheap” way to go about this? But I probably will have to do a fairly fail proof way of setting this up on android phones, as I will be deploying this on a few different accounts/phones. I will be looking into some of these mentioned methods when I have a chance. Thanks for the help

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