“Simple” automation for Sengled sensor open for length of time

I just bought Sengled door sensors. I can’t find a way on the SmartThings app to alert me if the door is open for over x minutes. Any ideas? Thank you!

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Which Version of the app are you using?

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have


No, I mean do you have the classic V2 version or the newer V3 version. Did you read the FAQ in the previous post? It explains and has screenshots and everything. :sunglasses:

The rules engines are somewhat different in the two versions of the app, so that’s why it makes a difference. You can definitely do it but you would do it in different ways.

there is a “Left it open” smartapp you can install from the IDE snartapp (from trmplate, catogry Convenience).

Thanks Philippe. Where do i find that application!

log in to the Smartthings IDE with your samsung login
select your location via the lication menu
then select the SmartApps menu, select “from template”, pick the “convenience” category and click the “left it open” and click “Create”
once in the code editor, click “Save”, click “Publish for Myself”.
Go to your mobile classic app: Automation, SmartApp, add a new Smartapp, go in the Convenience category and enter the settings, save.

Philippe - thanks so much… worked perfectly. A little clumsy having to go through the “Classic” app, but definitely worth it.


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