Simple automation fail

For the life of me, I cannot figure what I am doing wrong with this simple automation, perhaps you would enlighten me?

In my garage, I have a motion detector and ST Plug. I can cause the plug (plugged into a light) to fire, no problem. But, no matter which options I try, I cannot cause the plug to de-energize the plug after 30 minutes.

I’ve tried several options with conditions and actions but, I must have some configuration set wrong.

I’ll mention the software is current at 1.6.69-546.

Thank you for your help!

First, what’s the good word? Second, can you post a screen shot of the automation?

There are various options depending on when you want to start counting the 30 minutes and whether you want to reset that count in response to events (e.g. motion starting again)

A particularly common one is one Automation to turn the light on when motion goes active, and a second one to turn it off when motion stays inactive for 30 minutes.

Can’t really understand what is plugged into what with the description, a plug is plugged into a light ?

Aha, so the motion sensor is zigbee or zwave not a mains dumb movement sensor

You have a lamp/light connected to a ST pocket socket/plug

You have got motion detected, pocket socket to switch on, light to illuminate

But you are unable to switch off pocket socket after 30mins

What about
IF motion sensor
No motion
Switch off pocket socket

Thanks for the responses. I was trying to start from the beginning and separate the two functions into two different automations (which I shouldn’t have to do.)
As for clarification, there is a motion detector and a plug with a light attached. My intention is to have the light come on when motion is detected. I would like the light to turn off 30 minutes after any motion is detected.
It ‘seems’ like the ‘Auto turn off’ function set to 30 minutes should do the trick. However, the off function does not work whether the top slide ‘On or Off’ is set to on or off. Grr.
So, the on-function part works great but the plug will not turn off unless separated into another automation.
Thank you!

the top slide ‘on or off’ is a poorly worded “toggle” function. So i’m not surprised it doesn’t work with it because the motion event might be turning the switch off if it is on. On iOS you can’t even choose the Auto turn off option if toggle is chosen, which makes sense.

This should work


Thanks, it does work!!
It is a little confusing though as I had this configuration set before. I decided to delete and reinstall the device and then returned to what seemed like it should work and it did.
I appreciate everyone who responded. Thanks!

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@fido you can have plug plugged in to light :thinking:

Are you kidding me Milan !!

If that was in the UK you would probably get life for that !!!

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