Simeon Tuitt Smart Door Locks And UK Smart Lock Smart Home Integration Ideas

I thought I would start a post for those people already using a UK Smart Lock to share their own smart home integrations and the style of smart lock they use and why they picked that particular smart lock.

If you have a video of your smart lock in action, share it so that others can see it and it may help those looking to get a smart lock decide which they prefer the look and function of.

Above you can see my smart door lock integrated with ST, so I can unlock it from my smartphone or smart watch.

I have 2 uncles with severe learning disabilities, neither of them can use a key as they would snap it in the lock because they don’t understand using them or switches.

So my Smart Lock allows them to let themselves in with a key tag by touching the lock, this took just 15 minutes for my uncle to get used to unlocking the front door.

What lock do you have here and what integration are you using, both locks look unfamiliar to me but great :slight_smile:

Robin that’s a cool setup for the gate, the back gate is something I’m still yet to do and thinking of which way to do it.

I bet the magnetic lock requires a lot of constant running power doesn’t it?

Think I’ll end up doing something I can run off batteries because powering a gate with mains power means running cables.

Did you have to run cable for your gate lock?

Have you put any motion sensors on your gate to know when it’s been opened?