Silvair Bluetooth Gesture Controller? Seems interesting

Need way more info on it, but it looks interesting…

Silvair Controller

Sorry I didn’t post more…hard to link to TechCrunch on the boards here

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Very nice … and “hubless” by design – i.e., seems they are encouraging manufacturers of end-point devices (lights, blinds, fans, garage door openers, alarm disarms?) to integrate Silvair support directly into the end-point (via Bluetooth). I guess for something like for Philips Hue integration (etc.) they will encourage future Hue Bridges to include Bluetooth, but might figure out an interim bridge-bridge solution?

SmartThings Hub V2’s Bluetooth is becoming an essential feature.

Oh… and even though it looks like just a controller button… no, it’s actually an ecosystem with mesh radios and such…!?

Silvair Manufacturers Info

(The kit seems to cost $250 + $150 shipping?).