SilentGliss Curtain Pole Integration (UK)

Hi All.
I have a SilentGliss curtain pole which is programmable to open and close using time or/and light levels.
Just wondering if anyone else is using this system and has integrated it into ST.
Maybe you’re using a different motorised curtain pole and have it integrated somehow.
Just interested if this is doable.

Thanks for the replies.
The system I have is the 5090TC.
It does do everything I want it to very well but I was just wondering if anyone has managed to integrate this into ST and if so, how.

Hello there
I have the autoglide - have had it for years and has been super-reliable. I used x10 automation in the past, but now morved on…
When I got Smartthings I decided to hitch it up using a fibaro relay, which works perfectly. I have it set as a momentary switch and two timers to open and close morning and night. I can also ‘ask Alexa’ to ‘turn on the curtains’ which will open or close depending on where they are currently.
Robin is right, though, that there is no intelligence so that the curtains ‘know’ whether they are open or closed. So it I ‘manually’ close them either with Alexa or the app on a dark evening, when it comes around to my preset time, it will open them! No great hassle if I’m in, but if not, then a pain. Equally after a power cut it can get out of sync.

What I am trying to do (with no success as yet as I’m new to this sort of thing) is write a Core piston thingy to set variables ‘open’ and ‘closed’ - then when it gets to the pre-programmed time, it would only activate it if in the right state.

Anyway, even as it is now, it works great.