Silent notification device vibrate when sensor trips

I am looking for a way to be able to be notified silently by something similar to an old pager.

I am thinking something like a nurse paging system ,where someone presses a button to set off a pager, similar to the pPonto LRS Pager One button that maybe I can trigger using a relay that would work with smartthings?

My goal is to vibrate a device when a door is opened. I was hoping there would be some Z-Wave or zigbee device that could vibrate from an automation trigger.

Another idea is maybe a rechargable device that would show as am alarm and rewire a vibration device to trigger?

Thanks for any advice or other ways to go about it. I’m all over the place trying to think of it and am all ears (eyes).

There are a couple of different options.

  1. You should be able to do something with an inexpensive android phone running just on Wi-Fi, no contract. @joshua_lyon might have some ideas.

  2. There are many vibrating call buttons available for persons who are deaf. One way to use these is to combine it with a SwitchBot, which is essentially a robot button pusher. So you automate having the Switchbot Push the call button and then that will trigger the vibrating receiver.

I like these because typically you can get a battery operated receiver that vibrates, and there may also be a plug-in light flasher depending on the particular set you get.

Switchbot does have an integration with smartthings, so this would be a pretty straightforward project. But it would get expensive because you need four pieces:

A and B) vibrating call button system. There are a number of these, the following is just an example. You should be able to get both the sender and the receiver for under $40. Note that these pieces themselves don’t have any integration with SmartThings. You’re going to use the SwitchBot for that.

C) A SwitchBot button pusher. These usually cost around $30 each.

D) The Switchbot mini hub. This is what gives you the integration with smartthings. Cost between 40 and $50 depending on whether it’s on sale.

So this method is pretty easy to set up, but the total cost could be as much as $125 by the time you bought all four pieces.

  1. plug in bed shaker

The following is another product designed for people who are deaf. It plugs into a regular socket. You can plug it into any smart plug and then just automate the smart plug going on and off and it should work.

This option is really easy to set up, but it’s not battery operated, so it might not be what you were looking for. Also note that there are multiple versions of this device with different cord options. The most popular ones plug into one of the alarm clocks for people who are deaf, and they usually have a barrel connector. The specific one that I linked to plugs into a regular socket, which is why you can use it with a smart plug. :sunglasses:

So there are several alternatives depending on exactly what you want to do.

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Thank you so much for the detailed information along with the links to the products!

I will be looking into this and presented to the client to see if it fits their needs.

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