Sighthound Camera Trigger

I’m trying to use existing third party cameras to detect intrusion.

I use Sighthound software with my cameras. It does a good job of detecting specific motion. These rules can tie to IFTTT. I see where I can create IFTTT recipes to turn (virtual or real) switches based on the Sighthound triggers, but I was hoping to somehow tie it to the Smart Home Monitor. I wish the Smart Home Monitor “Custom” monitoring rule included IFFFT or switches as usable devices.

Any ideas?

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Hi @bob_ecl

Any luck with getting Sighthound and Smartthings talking?

Has anyone gotten anywhere with this?

You could use ifttt to turn a switch on when a sighthound rule Is triggered and use core to check if mode is home or away to then alert you.

Is there any easier way? If only sighthound had remote arm and disarm!