Shutting off outlet with temp sensor

I was enlightened by someone on how to power a Samsung outlet on and off with a humidity sensor, works great. i want to do the same thing in my wine fridge with the temperature from an AEOTEK 6 way sensor. i am able to turn it on with a custom setting but how can i get it to turn off when it has cooled the unit say 5 degrees. right now i am relying on it to send me a notification when it reaches the desired temp so i can manually turn off the outlet. some of the climate control apps in the marketplace are close but wont work for one reason or another. if there was an opposite app from the “its too cold” or if the “keep me cozy” would run the outlet versus the thermostat…

any help is appreciated.

Time to step up to Webcore :slight_smile:

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I went to Webcore and requested an account be made. I have tried to read some about it and it looks like if i pose the question in there I am bound to get a reply? thank you for your help.

yeah. Their wiki will guide you through the install