SHTM backup

Is there a way to back up shtm in case it for some reason stays armed? I’ve had a couple of occurrences where it didnt move from armed to disarmed and the alarm was triggered in the new app.

There are no backups for STHM but then again I may be confused as to what you are looking for

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The armed state for STHM is kept in the cloud. So no backups. You can try unplugging the hub from power (as well as removing batteries if there are any) and leaving it off-line for at least four or five minutes. When you put it back on power it should re-sync with the cloud. If it’s still armed at that point, you should at least be able to disarm it then, assuming of course that the cloud is available.

I have my SHTM along with noonlight to arm and disarm on a regular basis, but for some reason the other day it didnt disarm at 6am like the automation was setup , so I got a hello arenu alright phone call.