Showing off home for sale

All, we’ll be putting our home on the market in in March and was thinking it would be kinda nice to show off some of the home automation with Google Home / Alexa.

Anyone know if there would be a way to kick off a bunch of lights + dimming level + set the temperature and kick off a specific youtube video on the TV and MAYBE play some crappy soothing music across multiple Google Homes (or just have the music from youtube video playing) with a single command?

My thoughts would be to call virtual switches off a single command but not 100% sure if this would be the RIGHT way or just a way.

Idea is that YouTube video would be repeating showing off the house etc. Yes I’ll admit kinda dumb BUT it’s a 120yr old home so showing off a little new tech might be cool.

The following might be of interest. :sunglasses: