Showing 0 W on HEM and Smartthing

I doubled check the pins and clamps and re-seated the ends on the HEM and took pictures and clamps seems to be shut. I have took the on and off a couple times to make sure they are clicking correctly.

how do I install a custom handler

See this post. It may look involved but it’s really not. Make sure you following the instructions for a handler, not a SmartApp.

Ok I pulled the coded and did what it said. Now I have a different screen but still reading 0W

Okay, well you are no worse off at least and you have a better handler now. FYI, if you go in to settings you can set some parameters including your cost per kWh. You may already have figured that part so sorry if so.

Try hitting the main refresh and configure buttons and then give it a while, say 15 minutes and check back. You may still have some other issue so I’m just ruling out the obvious stuff.

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I’m sorry, I don’t have any better ideas other than perhaps a dud unit.

I will tell you mine can run for weeks churning out data consistently and then hiccup and not report for a bit then restart. But I’ve not had zero from the get go.

jsut to be sure, your leads are on both hot cables, not one hot one neutral, right?

neutral clamp would not explain reading 0 watts at all times. It’s acting like a dud.

hmmm, i thought is one clamp was on neutral and one was on hot you’d get 0 or negative readings. could have misunderstood what I read somewhere.

in US residential typically has 240v split-phase service, split to 2x opposite phases 120v (hots) in home distribution panel, and a neutral usually tied to local ground at house. You have 2x clamps only to read the separate currents in the hot lines, not voltage (you are not completing a voltage reading circuit with the clamps). If you accidentally clamped one on neutral then that current would read 0 or close to it. But the hot clamp would read Something, if working at all.

if you accidentally clamped both onto the same line, with the clamp directions reversed, then you could conceivably read 0 all the time. But even in that case, I’d expect to see some small amps/wattage difference between the clamps in different readings, due to the small manufacturing differences in the clamps and phase of the moon.


Returned that one and bought a new one and it is at home waiting. I will update what I get when I get home.


woo hoo! :tada:

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Ok now that I have gathered Data how can i export this into a graph or look at when im getting spikes?

There’s info in the first link I gave you above:

Here’s a direct link to the thread that the above points to …

Thank you for all your help. I was able to follow that and get it graph it. Now try to track down what is happening. The whole reason I did this is to try to correct the electrical problems in my home. House was built in the 40’s and the electrical is a mess.