Shower on/off state


What would be the best way to have a RELIABLE way to know if the shower is on or off? Door sensor is not reliable since it is subject to be open or closed more than once during a single shower, or you could be washing it and not actually take one. Furthermore, a moist sensor wouldn’t work well since the shower stays wet for a while after shower. What I’m looking for a is really when water is ON or OFF at all to start / stop sonos.

Your ideas are welcomed!

(Ben Edwards) #2

Interesting scenario. There humidity sensors our there (Aeon Multi is one) but I am not sure that would be fast enough to tell you what you want. There are also some moisture sensors that could work that have leeds on them.

(Greg) #3

If money doesn’t matter then you could do the fortress water valve inside your wall.=)

Perhaps a multi adhered to the pipe would pick up the vibration of the water? I have a multi adhered to my sump pipe to know when it is running and it works well.


Multi seems the best thing to try. However, I don’t need to open/close contact sensor on it. Isn’t there anything else that could monitor vibration with a very high sensitive level ?

(Greg) #5

You don’t have to leave the open close sensor attached.


I also want to stop my Sonos when shower turns off. I don’t see any conditions when the acceleration stops in “Actions”. How could I do it?

(Greg) #7

I’ve requested similar options before. Supposedly it can be done by someone who can write code.


If any developer reads this, message me, I’m willing to pay you for that.

(Chrisb) #9

Would a motion sensor in the shower work?

(Matt Martz) #10

Are there z-wave flow meters? That would be a reliable option. Or you could install your own and hook it up to an arduino with a thingshield.

Not sure if you’re handy… but perhaps you could take apart a multi-sensor and integrate that into the handle of the shower faucet… So when it is rotated, the acceleration sensor in the multi will show that it’s on.

Edit: a word… haven’t had my coffee yet…


The multi works perfectly for the detection and on/off state, problem is that there is no way to turn the music off once the shower is off. We would need to build an app “Play music in shower”, starting a sonos when it’s an active, and stop it when it’s done. Kind of the same trigger that alerts when laundry is done.

(Ben Edwards) #12

You could create a “Shower Mode” that triggers the Sonos to play when started and pause when ended.


Ok but how do you switch back to home mode when vibration stops?