Show your Rule Machine automations

Awesome setup. Just curious, which custom device did you go with for the Aeon Doorbell?

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Right now it’s JDawson’s latest code which is based on Robert V’s .03 code

anybody have an example of using Rule Machine to turn on a delayed siren when SHM is tripped?

I’m thinking of using all my lights that are activated and the mode as triggers since the status of everything OK or Intrusion alert isn’t and option.

I have rules setup to trip sirens / other alert mechanisms seperate from SHM, as SHM does not always (read: never as of late) trip my sirens. So as backup I have “STAY” and “AWAY” alarm rules in rule machine that carry forth actions based on certain things happening.

I made up an example rule for you, not one I actually use, but just have a rule monitor the things you want to monitor - contact sensors, motion sensors - a custom mix depending on stay and away modes - and if one trips when in away mode have it carry forth an action / a different action for stay mode. Delayed Siren on is easy, pick your delay time.

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Thanks for the example! I want to try and stick with SHM in case we go with one of the professional monitoring options. The lack of a delayed siren is the only problem right now. From your example I believe I should be able to achieve that.

Sure, I use both. I have SHM armed, and have this as a backup rule. SHM professional monitoring does not require SHM to trip your sirens

SHM trips, Monitoring facility gets the alert. Your rule trips, waits your delay and kicks off series of actions including sirens. At least that is one way to do it.

Totally off topic, but I wouldn’t pay for monitoring yet. To me, that’s like building a nice house on quick sand. First this system has to be stable and reliable enough to warrant pro monitoring. For one, it needs a cellular backup. Only a moron is going to do a house intrusion without cutting all the com lines first, and ST and the monitoring is dead on arrival at that point.

Cheap cellular month to month hotspot and a router supporting redundant internet connections could easily resolve that last concern.

Something like:

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ah, I see. Definitely understand the house on quicksand. I haven’t even bought a siren yet and till have more motion and door sensors to buy. Just in the planning and weighing options phases. Thanks!

Sure, More Wifi Networks, already have 3 in this house. Hotspot that can die, Additional Router that can die, Need a battery backup for them in case power goes out, that can die.

Plus 40 bucks a month.

I agree it can work / better than nothing, but if this is a security system - which is what they are selling it as - it needs ON BOX cellular backup to provide a reliable wholey owned solution. Iris has this for 4.95 a month - a usb stick.


Here’s a combo trigger condition, not seen one of these yet.
Hues fire up and main lights turn off when in the tub, mains on and Hues off when you get out.
Oh, and we don’t do this when the house cleaners are here.
The two motions detectors have exclusive non overlapping coverage.
Using motion inactive as the triggers reduces any false switching


How are you determining the House Cleaners presence?
Virtual Presence device? Specific mode/routine setup for “House Cleaning”?

I have a lock box we put on the door, it contains an ST contact sensor with an external switch, and a hacked stock device type that presents the contact sensor as a presence sensor.
They open the box, flip the switch and it runs the house cleaner routine, which opens the garage door shuts SHM off and runs a dummied up version of the home routine.
The reverse happens when they leave.


I use rule machine to set temperature on my thermostat the moment me or wife leave office.

My Goodbye setting changes the thermostat to optimal settings for saving electricity.
I am back (which is also configured via RM for different time periods) sets temperature to the desired setting when we get back home, but the problem is that when we get home its too cold or too hot and takes some time before it gets comfortable.

So I created two virtual switches. These virtual switches turn ON via IFTTT when me and my wife arrive at our respective offices. When we leave our office they go off via IFTTT.

With this I set up a rule to change temperature to a level between Good bye and at home, the moment any one of us leave office… But then it should only trigger when none of us is already at home and only after 3 pm (to avoid lunch time false pegs) and only during weekdays.

Thanks to @bravenel … I now come to a comfortable home. It takes me about 30 mins to reach home after picking up my kid… Which gives it enough time to get cozy. Once I arrive home the temp sets again to the final desired value due to the IAm back trigger. Thanks to RM I didn’t have to write a smart app… Which I intended to from a long time but never got to it!


This is my first stab at things. I’m sure there’s an easier way but this seems to be working so far.

(RM) created in Rules Machine
(GW) created in Gentle Wake up
® created in Routines

Here’s what I’m doing with Rules machine and Gentle wake up
This is for the kitchen lights dimmer switch

8:00 am
® Good Morning!
Turns off Alarm
Turns on kitchen lamp to 20%
Set mode to Good Morning!

Good Morning! triggers Good Morning fade (GW - Gentle Wake up)
Good Morning Fade fades Kitchen lights from current to 30% over 5 minutes
Set kitchen lamp to 50%

the kitchens light sensor sees <125 Lux
time is between 8:06 am - 1:00 pm
then switch mode to "dim morning"
Dim Morning triggers dim morning fade(GW)
Dim morning fade fades light from current level to 60% over 10 min.
Set mode to “Cloudy Morning”

the kitchens light sensor sees >=125 and <350 Lux
time is between 8:06 am - 1:00 pm
then switch mode to "bright morning"
bright Morning triggers bright morning fade(GW)
bright fade fades light from current level to 80% over 10 min.
Set mode to “Sunny Morning”


the kitchens light sensor sees <125 Lux
time is between 1:01 pm - 30 mins before sunset
then switch mode to "Cloudy Afternoon"
Cloudy Afternoon triggers cloudy afternoon fade(GW)
Dim morning fade fades light from current level to 60% over 10 min.
Set mode to “Afternoon”

the kitchens light sensor sees >=125 and <350 Lux
time is between 1:01 pm - 30 mins before sunset
then switch mode to "Bright afternoon"
Bright Afternoon triggers bright afternoon fade(GW)
bright afternoon fades light from current level to 80% over 10 min.
Set mode to “Sunny Afternoon”


the kitchens light sensor sees <10 Lux
time is between 30 mins before sunset and 9:00pm
then switch mode to "Dusk!"
Dusk! triggers Evening fade(GW)
Evening fade fades light from current level to 25% over 10 min.
Set mode to “Evening”


the kitchens light sensor sees <10 Lux
time is between 9:00pm & 3:00am
then switch mode to "Night1"
Night1 triggers Night fade(GW)
Night fade fades light from current level to 15% over 10 min.
Set mode to “Night”

® Late Night Chill
Changes mode to Late Night Chill
Late Night Chill triggers Late Night Chill fade(GW)
Late Night Chill fades light from current level to 0% over 10 min.
Late Night Chill triggers LNC LED fade(GW)
LNC LED fades LED Strip from 0% to 50% over 10 mis (color purple)
Kitchen Lamp dim to 15%

(RM) If
the kitchens light sensor sees =<350 Lux
Then turn kitchen lights off

Kitchen motion sensor is active**
= False – turn kitchen light off after 15 mins
= True – turn lights on
**Restricted to all modes EXCEPT Sleep, and AWAY


Wow! While I can believe that took some serious time to program test and troubleshoot… It shows the true power of a good system.


what happens if ST is down when they arrive?

they call my happy arse, and I either open the garage door with the mobile app or I drive home and let them in…

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Here’s a modular rule I created that taps into the Expert Features’ ‘Custom Commands’ functionality. It adds “flash” capability to any device (or other smartapp) that would otherwise be limited to on/off. It uses a virtual switch (momentary button tile) as the trigger to a real switch (an Aeon microswitch, which has a hardware-based flash/strobe function), If the physical switch is already on, it does nothing.

There is “The Flasher” smartapp, which accomplishes basically the same thing, but I’ve found it to be highly unpredictable for short-duration flashing (i.e., I might get all, some, or none of the number of flashes selected, or have it flash but then never turn off). Maybe if The Flasher ran locally… but this rule works 100% of the time.

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Anyone have a washer and dryer rule?

Here is the issue I am trying to address.

The Washer uses 1W all the time. If you push the front panel it pushes up to 2W. If you open the door it uses 3W. When it is running it uses between 3-400W. So right now I get notified when someone opens and closes the door, that it is complete. I think I need to do something with virtual switches to get this to work, but not sure what. Just want the notification when it is complete.

I have something set up like this with my washer.

I have it set to turn on a Virtual Switch when it goes above 4W. When it drops back below the 4W, I have it set to turn off the Virtual Switch, send a text, and make an announcement that the laundry is done and needs moved to the dryer.