Show last updated in a tile?

Hi, have tried to figure out where to pull “Last Updated” information and show it as a tile?
E.g. with my temperature sensors I have to flip to “Recently” tab in mobileapp to see when data is from. Could be nice just to display in a tile.

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This is possible though you will need to use a custom device handler to do it since you will need to add the new tile and modify the parse code to update the new tile.

What is the device type of your sensor now?

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So I should do following:

Add new attribute
Add new tile
In Parse, use sendevent to update attribute with Date()

I just thought that I somehow could get the lastUpdated data since I can see it under “Recently” in the mobileapp.
Otherwise I got it then. Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I did on one of my DHs.

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