Should I persevere?

I’m sorry for your frustration; many of us have gone through the same thing.

That said, I bought SmartThings in the first place because it used two independent third-party standards, Z wave and Zigbee, both of which I knew to be very reliable. Which they are, with the right controller and local (not cloud) processing.

All of which is to say while SmartThings is a standout in terms of flexibility and versatility at a very low price point, the same cannot be said for reliability. But the problem isn’t Zwave. You could take exactly the same Zwave devices and run them with indigo and they’d be rock-solid. But you wouldn’t have the same additional features that you get with SmartThings, like Geopresence or IFTTT or The ability to combine both Zigbee and Zwave devices in one routine.