Should custom image for tile icons work on Android?

I have an Android HTC One running 4.4.3.

I have been pulling my hair out trying to get either a standard tile or a value tile to use a custom image which I placed on git hub. I have tried gif, jpg, png to no avail.

Then while working on a device with someone else they shared code they had working on their iPhone using a custom image with a value tile. I copied their device code and it didn’t work for me.

So it seems that custom images do not work on my android device.

Here are samples of the code I was testing.

standardTile(“PoweredBy”, “device.poweredBy”, canChangeIcon: true) {
state (“default”, label: “Powered by Enphase Energy”

valueTile(“power”, “device.power”, canChangeIcon: true) {
state(“Power”, label: ‘${currentValue}W P’, unit:“W”
// ,backgroundColor: “#000000

I also find that when I set a icon for a value tile, the value no longer displays. Not sure if that happens on iPhones or not.

I think this is a known issue with the Android app.

I don’t know how to get official confirmation though, particularly if your issue may be slightly different than what I’ve seen.

Write Support?

@Jim or @tonyc do you happen to know?

Thanks guys!

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I’m actually right in the middle (or maybe closer to the beginning of the middle :slight_smile: ) of updating our device type guide, including tiles.

I dont want you to have to wait for that to get an answer though. I’ll look into this tonight or tomorrow if no one else has an immediate answer.


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Thanks, I did write support but have not had any reply. I have three support issues submitted to them with very little resolution. Not to impressed with support.

@Jim Thanks for looking into it. I am pretty sure it doesn’t work since I took code working from an iPhone user and it will not work on my Android. But not sure if it just needs some minor change, perhaps a different image type, perhaps different syntax, etc. It’s impossible to tell since there is no output or errors to the logs…it just quietly ignores me :smile:

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@jim While you are at it can you tell me if the chartTile works in android also.

chartTile(name: “powerChart”, attribute: “power”)

it works randomly in iPhone according to the other party I am working with.
it displays a blank white tile in Android.

ChartTile doesn’t work in Android, no fix anytime soon either, been waiting for a fix since July. Maybe ST will surprise me with a working ChartTile or even an HTMLTile or a working cached imageCarousel.

Custom image for tile does not work on Android. I tested it on the new branch and it’s not working there yet, either. Hopefully we can get to that, although we are close to crunch time on getting the new build out.