Shortened Notification Msg on Mobile(s)


Just recently (Today actually) I noticed that the notification message for my Garage door has changed using the ST app “Notify Me when…” whenever the door opens/closes. The notification I USED to get was along the lines of “Garage Main Open/Close Sensor is closed”. Today the notification is “is closed” or “is opened”. The “List of Events” in the ST IDE for this device however contains the full text (Garage Main Open/Close Sensor was closed). Anyone else have any problems with notifications on your mobile (I have both android and iOS, same thing on both)

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(Michael) #2

I have a custom app based on the notify app and noticed the same thing after the recent ST firmware. I had to change my app to provide a message.


I fixed it by removing the ST app and re-installing it. Funny thing is I have several “Notify Me When…” app but only one was misbehaving… Anyhooo. All good now :slight_smile: