SHMDelay problem

I’ve got SHMDelay installed. It works fine with 30 second delay when I set to arm away but the alarm goes of immediately when I return. I have the return set to 30 seconds. I’ve tried every setting and can’t figure it out. Help!

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In this case, use the following thread (this is a clickable link)


Did you setup the virtual button on SHM instead the real contact sensor?

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Yes, I setup a simulated sensor for the door. I added it in SHM and removed the physical sensor like it says. It works when I exit but I get an immediate intrusion alert when I come back in.

Do you have this in global settings?

My delay profile settings, if not showing is default to nothing:

I have 4 profiles for different doors, everything works fine.

That’s exactly what I have. Do you have front door removed from SHM?

Yes, I have 4 doors with separate delay profiles, I removed them from SHM and I added 4 separated virtual buttons to SHM.

Do you have motion sensors near the door that is triggering the alarm?

I don’t have any motion sensors yet

You have to have them removed from. SHM as well. They have to be added to the profile for the corresponding contact sensor.

I am stuck. I am trying to create a delay profile but it gives an error. What can it be?