SHM way too unstable

sometimes its great sometimes it will not change to disarm without going to armed/stay first. My fix I made a rule that changes it to armed/stay and then runs Im home and that disarms the system. Well even that wont work. I guess I just have to skip this KEY feature of the system and makes rules to act like an alarm system.

Im getting tired of bugs… Its funny how a team of 1 (Bruce @bravenel) can fix issues fast but an entire team of paid developers cant fix issues with the system they created.


I agree that SHM is not stable enough to actually get used.

I believe SHM improvement is an area of particular focus within SmartThings because it is one particular channel towards monthly fees (e.g., Scout and ADT-Canopy integration, neighbor alerts, etc.).

My SHM currently will not arm at all. It won’t switch from Disarm to Away or Stay mode. I hit the icon and get the spinning “working” circle, but it never will arm. Resetting the hub did not help. I have put in a support ticket so we will see how long my family and I have to not be protected before that gets fixed.


What does it say that the most obvious monetization feature remains buggy? Generally, I’m happy with SmartThings, but no one seems to have much good to say about SHM (myself included).

I’d happily cut ADT loose for an SHM-integrated Scout, but for all their abusive, over-priced contracts, terrible customer relations, and low rent hardware, ADT service remains reliable and SHM isn’t.


Yah… the second part of your statement is more interesting than the first. Since SmartThings does not have a public bug/feature request list (and no Community-curated one), then it is hard to say exactly what parts of the system have the most problems, and which of these problem areas are most easily forgiven by Customers … and which areas are critical to Customers.

Regarding the latter: SmartThings would like the consider SHM to be a “core value proposition” for the product and therefore have it lend itself organically to monthly recurring premium add-ons.

There have been many discussions on what SmartThings’s future revenue streams are, paths to sustainable profitability, and so on; SHM add-ons may be among the first paid services, but that doesn’t mean it is the most important overall for sustainable profit.

Convolution? Yah… I guess this is just a very roundabout way of saying that for $99 one time cost, Customers are willing to tolerate some bugs and unreliability; but clearly if a specific feature has additional cost (especially non-trivial recurring costs!), then that area will be subject to extra scrutiny. Would you pay $10/month for a “reliable scheduler feature”? Or $10/month for an “client app that doesn’t have red-band errors and crashes”?

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I would GLADLY pay $10 a month for this system to be stable and fast. No false alarms from Modes/SHM not changing and fast response, open a door no waiting 2 seconds for a light to come on, but I dont think they will offer that until such time as they can figure out why they are having stability issues and I think that relates to them giving more priority to new feature that bring in new customers than making the platform they have operate they way it should.

Read my post again; or I’ll just clarify here…

I was hypothetically proposing $10 per month per feature. That means $10 for SHM mode reliability, $10 for scheduler, $10 for fast local operation of lights, $10 for mobile app stability… So we’re at $40/month … Adds up really fast, doesn’t it?

Currently, Scout is $20/month for “professional monitoring” (and that doesn’t include any guarantees of SmartThings SHM or any other feature stability. Heck… I don’t see how Scout can make any service guarantees at all, except that they will answer the call if they happen to get a message from your account…).

I read it I was just saying I would pay $10 a month for a good service. I dont need monitoring if it sends me messages telling me something is up. I can call the cops that all they do anyway.

Ironically enough I now have the opposite problem than before. My SHM is currently stuck in Armed (Stay) and won’t come out even with hub resets. I had to remove all my door sensors from SHM or otherwise the alarm goes off every time I open the door. The WAF has been decreasing with each false alarm.

I’ve written support so I guess in a week or two they’ll reply back and tell me they’re aware of the issue. :confused: