SHM status visual indicator solution

Hello. First post. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere - I didn’t find it! I was looking for a status solution using these neat little RGB outlets:
Smart Plug Mini, No Hub Required, Wi-Fi, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Control your Devices (4 Pack)
I set mine up and thought I would share my solution.

My set up is: ST Hub; Echo; (web enables my older wired system)

The RGB outlets come with their own app (Smart Life) and integrate easily with Echo. Each RGB outlet is actually 2 devices, the outlet and the RGB light. Echo can control either or both of the devices.
Once I was satisfied that I could control the RGB color with Echo, I moved on to integrating ST and Echo.
The solution I used is virtual garage door openers, 1 for each alarm state. VGDAway; VGDHome; VGDDisarmed.
I also created a ST automation that resets ALL the VGDs after they change state.
Echo watches for the garage door states to change (to open in my case) then runs an Echo routine to set the RGB color.
The RGB state holds until the next state change (VGD opens)

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Nice! I like the look. And the three states. :sunglasses:

Can you post the DTH and the automation that you used as well?

I used this site
The simulated garage door opener is included with the default devices. (Create device)
I learned about this site from the forums.
Basically, it allows you to connect to your ST hub and create devices or re-use custom devices from other authors.
I’ve learned to navigate this site through trial and error. There may be help docs. :slight_smile:
Once I got the VGD openers devices created and added to my hub, it was straight out of the box ST automation. E.g. Open VGDStay garage door when ‘goodnight’ runs. The clear VGD automation is simple too. Close all VGDs anytime ST reads one open. Echo reads the open before ST comes around to close it again. Hope that helps!

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That site is called the IDE. It’s the web interface to your SmartThings cloud account.

Because different accounts are on different “shards“ for the cloud database, You can use the following link and it will automatically direct you to the right shard. :sunglasses:

See the FAQ:

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