SHM Notification fail during a break-in

Maybe someone else will know but if the internet had a hiccup the moment the sensor tripped, will it continue to send that update until its successful in reaching the server?

If not, it would explain what happened. It sent the signal locally but never reached the server. This is above me On would it be possible but, it would be amazing if the STH could use a local device (iPhone/android phone) to use its cellular if broadband went down.

Just curious, do you have a siren tied into the system? I’m wondering if it went off?


It sent the signal locally but never reached the server. This is above me On would it be possible but, it would be amazing if the STH could use a local device (iPhone/android phone) to use its cellular if broadband went down.

It’s possible to set this kind of thing up, but not particularly easy. I think people are more likely to just buy a router which has a fallover to cellular. And in either case, you’d likely still miss something that happened right at the moment that the sensor message was being received.

You can find discussion in the forums if you search for “cellular backup” on different ways people have approached this.

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Unless there’s a way to have something loaded within the STH or via an external drive that would allow rules to run (without having to contact the server) cellular to me would be pointless. Cellular should be a “backup” which would not stop attempting to connect and send a command/update until its successful (or preset amount of time).

I am sure @JDRoberts will link me to a discussion regarding this??? :wink::joy:

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Here you go:


No siren connected to hub but I have a basic external siren connected to a motion sensor in the kitchen (not smartthings related ) that went off.

It’s funny I have disabled SHM and just set up a IFTTT notification if door is opened and hey presto works every time with about 3-4 sec delay

I was broken into a year ago.

SHM triggered an alert and my Homeboy cameras caught the perp in the act and the siren went off (also each camera “screams” when it records video, so it spooked him out a bit). I viewed the videos at work in almost disbelief. I also had a piston so that my Hue lights flashed red. I called the police and told them someone was in my house. It took them over an hour to get to my place due to it being rush hour and heavy traffic.

So don’t think your security system is going to prevent someone getting in and helping themselves to your stuff. However my lights and alarms were enough to spook him
So that he only managed to grab a few things before legging it. He was in and out in 10 minutes.

Now the good news, the footage caught on the Homeboy cameras was emailed to the police. He put his hood up, but not before the first camera caught his face. The next day, they called me to say they recognised the intruder and had him in custody. He was well known to the police and already had several court attendances for previous.

My evidence was enough to get him put behind bars for 3 years, so at least it’s saved someone else having this happen to them.



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Sounds like you might have a similar problem to a group of us over on this thread. All actions that require cloud processing (like turning on/off a switch from the mobile app) fail 100% of the time. A reset of the HUB will work for an hour or two but then things freeze up again. Local processing still works on v2 Hub. Could you take a look and see if you’re affected and call in and add yourself to the two tickets noted in the thread if it indeed is the same symptom?

A number of us have been down since early December… SMH…

I don’t know if it’s the same problem ,
All I’m after is reliable notifications from my ST Multi sensor on my back door. Originally no notification from SHM , so I changed to an IFTTT applet to get a notification , this worked fine for a while but then suddenly stopped .
I tried a different Applet which also worked fine for a little while but now doesn’t.
This morning I tried the " notify me " smart app but this also hasn’t worked. The smartthings mobile app is showing when the sensor is opened and closed perfectly and my routines for my lamps are working fine , I can also turn lamps off and on via the app or via alexa ok. So I am stumped as to why it works so inconsistently , it’s so frustrating .

Today i noticed failure in notification too. It happened with a CoRE notification when a door opens (it missed about 4 events). I have seen it happen a few times before with routines.
In the recent events log they are nicely registered, but no notification was sent…

So it might not be SHM related.

For the 9 months or so since I’ve had SmartThings, I’ve been triggering my “SHM alarm” frequently. I don’t have a siren (well my GoControl siren is not in use anyway) or any other alert besides notifications on phone. So I have been just using that as notification that kids are home from school; let’s me know things (door sensors, Arlo etc) are working. I was arming at night and disarming in morning based on time, so I also got phone SHM alarms when stayed up later than normal and let the dog out. Last month that got more annoying so I changed the times so I get less false alarms, created an Alexa virtual switch to arm at night, created a CoRE script to pop up a quick notification when door opens in range when kiddos get home, etc… Much nicer not having to disarm and dismiss SHM alerts.

Anyway, I find that ST, SHM, and my GoControl zwave door sensors have been reliable at annoying me several times per week :slight_smile: Also my zwave light switches (mostly turned on/off via Alexa) have been rock solid too.