SHM Not working


SHM is not working. when i arm it won’t arm and when i disarm it won’t disarm. it wont work with routines, rules or anything.

When ever i need to arm the system first i try to arm it. it keeps on rotate and says issue with network and won’t arm. then i have to delete configuration and re create it. once i setup SHM then i can arm. to disarm when press disarm it keeps on rotates again and never disarms.and says network error. if i walk in it blow my alarm. i have to delete configuration and setup again to disarm.

Interesting, this was posted earlier today:

You’ve been complaining since January, if wink truely worked better… Why haven’t you switched back and saved yourself all the frustration. Seriously dude it’s time to :hankey: or get off the pot.


I am with them because of monitoring service they provide. Iam on and off with scout since they teamed up.

Hoping they fix the issues. But they cant get it right